The Mill Bakehouse Cafe @ Fremantle

A frequent breakfast spot for me and my family simply because they serve awesome food for an affordable price.

The Mill Bakehouse is located on Norfolk Street in Fremantle at walking distance to the Italian Club and the fish and chips shacks. The indoor dining area is spacious enough for more than 30 people with enough room to move and the alfresco dining area gives you a cooler breeze on bright sunny day. Pets are allowed outside and they are such a joy to watch playing with little kids who just happens to sit at the table next to them.

The cafe serves a traditional breakfast menu: big breakfast, eggs on toast, eggs hollandaise, vegetarian big breakfast, pancakes, french toast, muesli and the like. They also serve omelettes with a variety of fillings. Be sure to check out the specials menu as these specials change week to week. The last time I was here I asked the waiter what time they serve lunch because I was in the mood for an extremely heavy breakfast. His reply was simple: since 6:30am this morning. Wow, you can have absolutely anything in their menu starting 6:30am and that is definitely a big bonus for me as I like to eat the most random meals at the most random times. So for breakfast on this particular Sunday, I had the “Moroccan chicken salad with couscous and sultanas” which was definitely not a bad choice. The chicken was tender, salad fresh and couscous cooked just the way couscous should be cooked — not too dry and with enough moisture to keep it soft. Believe me I have had couscous before that makes you want to choke. And to top the dish off the sultanas gave the salad just that hint of sweetness. The only problem I had was that the serving was not big enough for my appetite.

Mill Bakehouse: Moroccan chicken salad with couscous and sultanas

Coffee here is good too. It does not have a strong bitter after taste that I hate. But the one drink that I always get here is the freshly squeezed (or should I say freshly juiced) fruit juice consisting of orange, apple and carrot. A very healthy and refreshing drink indeed for those days when you just want to stay under a tree.

I would say that this cafe is a must try if you are looking for food that gives you great value for money. Some dishes are even big enough to share. The only downside to this place is that during busy hours food takes a long time to come out, about half an hour for a simple big breakfast to be served.

My rating: 8/10

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