Taka’s Kitchen @ CBD

There is only 1 dish that I come to Takas for – Miso Katsu Don – and I swear by it. It is described by Taka’s as “chicken katsu served over rice and shredded lettuce covered with special red miso sauce”. Costs $5.30 for the small meal with no soup and $7.30 for the large with miso soup. This is easily the cheapest, most divine meal in town. Great value for money, as they say. The chicken katsu is always deep fried to perfection and there is something in that miso sauce that keeps me coming back for more. Perhaps it’s the saltiness. Or it could also be the sesame taste in the miso. Whatever it is it’s heaven in every bite.

Taka's: Miso Katsu

Because I am too addicted to it, I would brave the heat during lunch time to travel to CBD from West Perth just to have my miso katsu fix. This is not available in the Shafto Lane shop though. Last year after a 12km walk for City to Surf I made the mistake of going to the Shafto Lane shop thinking they had miso katsu there. So imagine my disappointment after walking 12 kms and feeling famish and being told that they don’t serve miso katsu in that particular shop. I almost blurted out profanity at the waitress. But I kept my cool and settled for “Teriyaki Fish”. It was alright but why settle for teriyaki fish??

Both shops are in food court style. Lots of tables joint together and you share tables with strangers. For such a cheap price don’t expect to be dining in somewhere fancy. Air conditioning is crappy too on very hot days. Diners would easily outnumber the chairs so it’s better to dine alone because there’s always that 1 seat gap between 2 people who don’t know each other and you can easily just squeeze yourself in; or dine with a friend and assign him/her to save you both seats while you order. Big groups? Either come in really early to bag seats and order take away and enjoy the food in the comforts of your home.

My rating: 8.5/10


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