Coco’s @ South Perth

After much raving by my friend I decided to give Coco’s a try. We usually end up in Palais 85, which is next door, for desserts and I have always been intrigued by Coco’s. It is always a full house and you can see people happily chattering away. Being located on the Esplanade in South Perth this place has got some amazing views of the river and the city.

It was a warm night when we came here. Thankfully we were seated outside where there is a little bit of fresh air. As I sat down the first thought that came to my mind was that my seat is not comfortable at all. It is too wide and sinking a little bit which made it hard for me to sit comfortably while reaching for my dishes. Bad seats are a turn off for me. After deliberating on what to order, I settled for “Coco’s famous creamy dhufish chowder” and “Linguine sauteed with Carnarvon king prawns, chilli, garlic and lemon juice” while my friend ordered the “Steamed Carnarvon king prawns, rocket, avocado and red onion with chilli and spiced mango chutney” with a side of mashed potatoes.

I believe this place is highly overrated. Everything I have tried was only mediocre considering this is a fine dining place. To start off, I ordered the dhufish chowder and the waitress told me they had no dhufish and that they’ll be using snapper instead. I said OK, hesitantly, given I was already craving for that chowder. It was as bland as can be. Where is the creaminess in that chowder? I can hardly taste anything special in that chowder. Next up is my pasta. This, too, was very bland. It tasted exactly as what was written in the menu – lemon juice. Not salty enough and I cracked a lot of pepper on it to no avail. Halfway through my meal I just noticed that our waitress did not even tell us of the specials like what the other waitresses have told other patrons. That was disappointing as well. Moving on, I tasted my f riend’s prawn salad and it was a little better because the mangoes were sweet and she had dressing. The only tasty dish for the night was the mashed potatoes. It was very smooth and cheesy and it comes with fried sweet potato chips.

Cocos: snapper chowder

Cocos: king prawn linguine

Cocos: king prawn salad with mango chutney

Cocos: mashed potatoes with sweet potato chips

Even though I was already disappointed and very full I decided to give their desserts a shot. I had the “Crepe Suzette” with a glass of iced mocha and my friend had the “Hot Chocolate Fondant” with a cup coffee. The crepes were pretty good. 3 pieces of crepes cooked in cointreau and brandy served with vanilla ice cream. The crepes were in themselves good. Definitely not of pancake consistency and they reminded me of the crepes my French friend used to make for me. The iced mocha I had was a bit too strong on the chocolate and it came with the glass too full. My drink was dripping everywhere! The fondant was OK. Too sweet for my liking but otherwise very gooey.

Cocos: Crepe Suzette

Cocos: hot chocolate fondant

Hmm, I think I may consider giving it another shot. Or at most just come here for desserts – at least they looked promising.

My rating: 5.5/10

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