Golden King BBQ @ Northbridge

I think I have just found myself a new place to eat whenever I get cravings for roast duck.

Today I’m feeling a little sick with a cold coming up and a throat that’s itching and beginning to sore up. So I figured that a good bowl of noodle soup would help alleviate my blocked nose and decided to head down to Hong Kong BBQ in Northbridge to have my usual “Sliced Duck Noodle Soup with Preserved Vegetable”. As I was walking down the street I took a quick look to see if there is a long queue outside. I only had an hour for lunch and as soon as I see a long line outside I am just going somewhere else. The street seemed strangely quiet on a weekday office lunch time and that’s when it hit me: today was a Wednesday and Hong Kong BBQ is closed on Wednesdays! I almost passed out at this thought. So I aimlessly continued walking down William Street hoping to find a decent place to eat where I can get my much needed soup.

Lo and behold! A few steps down the street was “Golden King BBQ”. I took a quick look at some of the dishes printed on the window and they had something that said “noodles (dry/in soup)”. This was good enough for me. I walked in and it was a full house but not over crowded. The waitress was just cleaning up a table when I walked in so I did not have to wait at all. She then handed me a menu and I went straight to the noodles section. Unfortunately they did not have my favourite sliced duck noodle soup with preserved vegetables so I ordered the next best thing which is simply  “Roast Duck Noodles”, not sliced into strips and no preserved vegetables. Strange how I did not order “Roast Duck Noodles Soup“, huh? Considering it was precisely what I was craving for. Let me tell you why.

Two minutes after I sat down, the waitress, without looking at me, put down a big bowl of soup on my table. I thought it was someone else’s order so I did not touch it obviously until I clarified it with the waitress. Then when she came over to take my order I asked her what is was and she said : “It’s free”. I was already thinking how awesome this is. A big bowl of soup just for me. I think they give out a free bowl of soup per table such that if there are 2 or 4 of you then you would just have to share. Dont worry, they’d give you a serving ladle and small bowls for that. But since I was having lunch alone I have the whole bowl to myself.

This is not just some chicken powder with spring onion soup. This is an actual homemade soup simmered for a least a few hours. How do I know this? Well, we make this kind of soup at home. Stock bones and chicken bones boiled and simmered together with carrots and celery (at home we would add onions and tomatoes too). I quickly took a few sips after ordering to warm up my stomach and it tasted almost exactly like what we regularly make at home. You could still see a few pork and chicken bones in the soup and that tells you it’s the real thing.

Golden King: a hearty asian soup for free

It didn’t take long for my roast duck noodles to be served. I had the dry kind because I already had that big bowl of soup and having another bowl of soup would make me too full and sleepy for work. The had 2 kinds of noodles in the menu: ordinary or special. I noticed that the Chinese equivalent of the special noodles is what they call “la mien” so I ordered that. The ordinary ones are what I assume to be egg noodles.  The dish came with a generous serving of roast duck and a side of steamed bok choy. The noodles were a bit stubborn as I couldn’t easily pick them up with the chopsticks because they were slippery and stucked together. Cutting them was hard too because they were “spongy”.  Anyway that really isn’t a big deal.

And then it was heaven in my mouth when I took a bite of that roast duck. The duck was juicy and tasty. Crispy skin and virtually fatless. Succulent duck is what I’d call it. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I quickly ate all the noddles first so that I can save the best for last. I’ve had some pretty good roast duck before and this one here from Golden King BBQ will certainly make it to my list of places serving awesome roast duck. On top of that the prices are actually pretty affordable too. My lunch cost me just $10.00. Hong Kong BBQ or Happy Star‘s noodle soup dishes cost more than that.

Golden King: Roast Duck Noodles

The place did not impress me at first glance. It looked like a Chinese canteen. But after my very good first experience here I will certainly come back and try the beef brisket noodles that the person in front of me ordered because it looked divine. Noodles smothered in beef brisket stew. Or perhaps I can just order a small bowl of steamed rice to go with my free soup?

My rating: 8/10

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