Fraser’s @ King’s Park

Known as one of Perth’s poshest place to dine in, Fraser’s offers a variety of interesting dishes and a stunning view of the city. Sadly there were construction going underway when we dined here so the views of the city were blocked by railings and barricades.

You can clearly see why this restaurant is posh as soon as you walk in. The interior is modernly designed and dimly lit giving it a cozy feel. We were led to our table and given the menu. It was really difficult to chose what to order given that most dishes seemed interesting enough for me to want to try everything.

Our table ordered a “Soft shell crab with cumin salt” to share. The serving size of this came as a surprise! We were expecting to be served about 3-4 pieces of crab but it came in a big plateful. Even after sharing this amongst 3 people I already started to feel full. The crab in itself was very good. Nicely deep fried although the cumin salt tended to settle unevenly. I would get bites of really salty crab and other bites of non seasoned crab. It was strange that out of the 3 of us I ate most of the crab pieces where the cumin salt settled. This was served with a side of japanese seaweed and a soy ginger sauce, which was really unnecessary given the crab has full flavour just by itself.

Fraser: soft shell crab

Feeling really hungry, I also ordered an entree of “Wok Fried Fremantle Octopus with chilli dressing” for myself which ended up being shared anyway. This dish had a Thai flavour to it. Octopus was cooked just right and the coriander in the dressing gave it a nice kick.

Fraser: fremantle octopus

And then we waited for our mains. And waited. And waited. Even as chatting/gossiping/catching up with friend made time fly by really quickly, the mains took forever to be served. The restaurant was not overly busy given it was a Thursday night so I don’t know why the food took so long to come out.

Finally the food came. The presentation was not as good as I expected it to be. But of course I had very high expectations from Fraser’s because it is Fraser’s at King’s Park. One of my friends and I had the “Roast Duck Breast and Confit Sausage with Beetroot Puree”. The waitress told us beforehand that this was cooked medium rare but I had mine well done because I cannot fathom eating bloody poultry. The duck breast was tender but it needs more flavour. The skin was not crisp enough making it a little chewy. And the beetroot puree? Well I wouldn’t say that the 2 flavours were complementary to each other. I like beets by itself and I like duck by itself but I am not so sure if combining them together was a great idea. I did like this dish although it could have been better. My other friend had the “Mt Barker Chicken with Baby Turnips” and she did say it was good. I wasn’t able to try it for myself but it did look good.

Fraser: roast duck breast with beetroot puree

Fraser: Mt Barker chicken with baby turnips

The waiter cleared our table after the mains but did not even ask if we wanted to have a look at the dessert menu. So we tried flagging down any waiter/waitress but perhaps they were understaffed? It took a good 10 minutes for someone to finally respond to us.

For dessert my friends and I each ordered a different sweet so we can all share. I had the “Steamed Fig and Ginger Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce and Pouring Cream”. This was very very good! The pudding is a little bit dry but just because I think it could be more moist. So I simply drenched every bite in the butterscotch sauce and the cream, which was really fragrant. Also served with vanilla ice cream and slices of banana that tricked me into thinking it was a tad healthy (because of the fruit). My friend had the “Frangipani Plum Tart”. It had a baked cheesecake texture with sour plums in the middle. My friend said it was too sour but I enjoyed the sweet-sour taste to it. My other friend had the “Pistachio Creme Brulee with fairy floss and vanilla ice cream”. There was nothing special about the creme brulee , to be honest. I can hardly taste the pistachio flavour.

Fraser: Steamed fig and ginger pudding

Fraser: Plum Tart

Fraser: Pistachio creme brulee

Overall, I think Fraser’s is overrated. The menu looks interesting but don’t have high expectations because it does not live up to the hype it has created. Everything could have been better – taste, presentation, and service. Service here is not the friendliest. The staff all seemed too uptight. They dont smile a lot, nor do they pretend, at least pretend,to be happy to serve you. There was only 1 friendlier waiter that night and even then he was a bit clumsy. He spilled red wine on the table next to us! Red wine! Spilling red wine in a fine dining restaurant is an epic fail moment in my opinion. Then when we went to the till to pay the bill it included a bottle of beer that we did not even order. Good thing the clumsy waiter picked this up before I had a chance to tell him off. The only good thing I can say about their service is that they did accommodate my requests for a glass of warm water (because I had a cold and I needed something to relieve my symptoms).

Would I come back? Maybe. But I’d rather go somewhere else that is cheaper but serves much better food and gives better service (for example, “1907” in CBD).

My rating: 7/10

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