Frisk Espresso @ Northbridge

A retro style coffee shop in the outskirts of Francis Street in Northbridge, “Frisk Espresso” brings about a different and uber relaxed coffee experience. I came here with the family one lazy Sunday afternoon after our very heavy dim sum lunch. But being the coffee lover that he is and the ‘searching-for-new-places-to-eat’ person that she is, it wasn’t hard at all to convince my uncle and auntie to go to the little cafe with me just down the street.

It wasn’t overly crowded when we went it. Only about 3-4 tables were occupied. They have all sorts of chairs and tables there – cafe style, couch, kids, playground style – giving it a very retro look. There are also various random things displayed there - very old cash register, mini tv box - keeping in tune with the cafe’s theme and a variety of board games to keep the kids, as well as the older generation, entertained. You will be greeted by an orange haired lady on the graffiti wall when you walk in.

I wouldn’t exactly say the staff, who later turned out to be the owners as I have found out, were friendly. It was a bit awkward because they were busy running around but also wanted to smile and talk to you. Weird. They do not seem to be very knowledgeable about their limited menu either; or perhaps they just came across to me as not knowledgeable? So anyway, we placed our orders on the counter and they do not use dockets nor give you any table numbers. Instead, they write the orders on the counter with a white board marker and just remember your face. We had a flat white and a latte, for $3.90 each, made from 5 senses coffee. Coffee was beautifully made although the milk could’ve have been smoother.

To the left of the shop is a section devoted entirely to “Kustom Cupcakes”. I have no idea who owns Kustom Cupcakes but when we asked the owner/barista if they also supply cupcakes to other shops he said yes. I don’t even think he fully understood what we were asking. When asked what the flavours of the cupcakes were he just mumbled some flavours. Strange.

After reading rave reviews about how marvelous these little cupcakes are, they are, in fact, quite a disappointment. These are not the best cupcakes. Icing was way too sweet and the cupcakes were VERY dry. Perhaps they have been sitting out for quite a while?  We had the Raffaelo one and a cookie dough one. Nothing special at all with these cupcakes. I scraped off the icing and when I divided the cake in half it just crumbled. Not worth the $3.50, I’d say. There are some cookies on the counter and just 2 other cakes to choose from, one of which looked like Cookies and Cream cheesecake. Perhaps their supply has not yet been delivered? For me, I’d just go for the coffee and the ambiance and forget about the sweets.

Frisk Espresso: coffee and cupcakes

My rating: 7/10

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