Ecco Pizza @ Fremantle

What was supposed to be an enjoyable lunch together with the family this ANZAC day turned out to be one of the worst dining experiences we have ever had.

Ecco Pizza in Fremantle looked like a restaurant worth trying given its location and ambiance. Everywhere else was full house on this day so we walked into this restaurant for a quick lunch. The staff was accommodating although most of them could not understand English properly as they are either on working holiday visas or student visas, mostly from France based on their accent. The menu looked interesting but I just wished that I did not expected too much from this place.

We ordered chilli mussels to share but was told that there was none of it left for the day. So we settled for a pizza to share instead – spinaci pizza, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, olives and pine nuts. I couldn’t make out if this was woodfired pizza or not but I’m leaning towards not because it does not have the “look” or taste of a woodfired pizza. The pizza was overcrowded with toppings and it was only mediocre.

Ecco Pizza: spinaci pizza

One of my cousins had the Osso Bucco with garlic mash. The meal looked delicious at first but we were later told that it was very fatty and oily. I had a little bite of the veal shank and found it to be lacking something and the mash had an overpowering garlic taste. For such a big eater my cousin could not even finish his meal because of the oiliness.

Ecco Pizza: osso bucco with garlic mash

Up next is a dish called Baccala shared by my auntie and my other cousin. Baccala is cod with potatoes and tomatoes. What they forgot to mention in the menu is that the fish is not fresh cod. It is salted cod, the preserved kind. It was super salty it could literally give you a heart attack. Not even the carbohydrates – the potatoes- could take away some of the saltiness. It was also served with a very runny sauce that did not look appetising at all!

Ecco Pizza: baccala

Last but not least was my dish. I had the pasta with chicken, mushrooms, spinach and sundried tomatoes in a wine and cream sauce. This was the only edible dish we had for the day. I think the overall flavours of this dish worked well together and my plate was the only clean plate on the table.

Ecco Pizza: pasta with chicken, spinach, mushroom and sundried tomatoes in cream sauce

Unless I’m in a desperate time, I certainly would not be coming back to this place. The food was mediocre, close to inedible actually, and the presentation was very sloppy. I guess I just expected too much from this place given that it always seem to be full every time I walk past it. And to add salt to the wound, it took us freaking 20 minutes to pay the bill. I don’t know what was wrong on the till but they had every table’s orders wrong. Customers had to tell them again what they had and the staff were also confused. Service in itself was not very bad but it certainly was very uncoordinated. Perhaps they should train their staff better and get their act together.

My rating: 3/10

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