Barchetta @ Cottesloe

I think I have fallen in love with french toast all over again, thanks to Barchetta. I can never find a place that serves really good french toast in Perth. French toast is one of my favourite breakfasts of all time and any chance I get to eat them I will. The ones I make at home are just mediocre because we hardly buy brioche and the last drop of the canadian maple syrup we had was already consumed. So I have made it a mission to look out for restaurants or cafes that can whip up awesome french toasts. I have tried the french toast from The Blue Duck, next door to Barchetta, and thought they were simply ok.

So one fateful Monday morning, the Monday after I quit my job, my auntie and I went for a relaxing breakfast by the beach to celebrate my freedom. Barchetta is located along Marine Parade overlooking Cottesloe beach. If I could have breakfast by the beach every single day I think I would live up to 100 years. It was a windy day, quite cold actually, but we sat outside regardless because the view was just simply stunning. Blue skies. Vast ocean. Sound of waves. Perfect view in every single way.

this is what I'd like to wake up to EVERY single day

We were given a glass of water and a menu each upon sitting down. I was scanning the menu and lo and behold! French toast!! I opted for the one served with banana and maple syrup (but it did come with strawberries as well). Thick slices of brioche soaked in egg with the lightest hint of cinnamon and served with loads of maple syrup. It is simply to die for.

Barchetta: french toast with banana and strawberries

With sweet comes savoury stuff so we also shared a Big Boaties Breakfast. It sure was big enough to be shared – 2 slices of toast, 2 poached eggs, 2 hash browns, a handful of spinach, mushrooms, 2 chipolatas, bacon and 2 roasted tomatoes. The mushroom and tomatoes were particularly tasty and the hashbrowns were fried to perfection without being greasy.

Barchetta: big boaties breakfast

And just a few days ago we came here again before embarking on a shopping spree. We had the usual french toast with banana and strawberries to share and the local crab omelette with roasted capsicum salsa and lemon creme fraiche. I had to have my fix of hash browns so I ordered a side of hash browns with the omelette and it came in 3 pieces on a bed of spinach. The omelette was very light. There’s crab meat in every bite. The capsicum salsa gave it a refreshing taste and the lemon creme fraiche was slightly tangy. I mopped up the rest of the creme fraiche with the hash browns.

Barchetta: local crab omelette

The weak points of this little restaurant by the beach are it’s price and coffee. Coffee is not the best there is. Milk is not creamy enough. And the prices are a bit too much. The french toast costs $15. Big breakfast is $20. Local crab omelette is $21. That is a lot of money for breakfast. And to top it off, they have a surcharge for public holidays (which is standard practice for most places) AND weekends. Why this is so I do not know. Yeah, read the menu carefully. Dont be surprised to be charged extra on weekends as they have this little bizarreness printed on the menu.

Both times I came here were weekdays so it was not overly busy. Service was prompt and friendly. As pricey as it is already I wouldn’t really come here on a weekend because I refuse to pay the surcharge. Maybe the sky is bluer on weekends, hence the additional cost to see it.

I have read horrible reviews about this place but I have yet to experience (which I hope I do not) those myself. Been here for breakfasts only so perhaps things are much better in the morning when everyone is still bright and happy?

My rating: 7.5/10

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