The Attic @ Fremantle

Walking into The Attic, I may have perhaps just stepped into the bar/restaurant/cafe in Diagon Alley where Hagrid took Harry in the 1st instalment of the J.K Rowling franchise. The Attic is a little cafe tucked in a little street just off South Terrace in Fremantle where it is hardly noticeable.

The Attic: exterior

There are 2 tables outside the cafe and when you walk in all you can see is the counter, a display fridge of sandwiches and an array of muffins. I overheard a lady ask “where do we sit?”, given the noticeable absence of chairs and tables inside. Look to your left and you will see a staircase. The dining area is located upstairs in what looks like, well, an attic! Antique luggages and eerie yellow light bulbs hung from the ceiling. There are couches for comfortable seating as well as a long dining table for communal seating. If you prefer to be left alone while enjoying your cuppa like me there is also a diner style counter where you can take a peek at the barista at work downstairs.

The Attic: dining area

The Attic: the long communal dining table

I was in Freo today to have my photo taken for a US visa and I must have arrived a tad too early as the camera shop was still closed. So I headed to The Attic for a quick breakfast. I have to go to work in less than 2 hour so I was looking for something simple. The breakfast menu is not your typical breakfast menu. No big breakfast here nor was there any eggs benedict and the like. The menu comes across as rustic to me. There’s the arabian style bircher muesli, iranian zucchini and mint frittata, homemade spanakopita and so on. I ended up ordering the avocado, lime, bulgarian white cheese on toast and a skinny latte to go with it.

The Attic: avocado, lime, bulgarian white cheese on toast

The Attic: skinny latte

It was indeed a very simple and hearty breakfast. This is completely different to the usual big and filling breakfasts that I always eat. It’s basically 2 slices of toast topped with lots of avocado slices, crumbles of the bulgarian white cheese and a simple rocket salad and you squeeze the lime over the whole thing. Strange as it may sound but it is actually a very good combination and I loved every bite of it! The avocado made it filling but I wouldn’t say that was very filling. It was just enough to make me not hungry. The coffee was smaller in size compared to other cafes’ serving size making it a stronger coffee for me which is good! Enough caffeine to get me through the day.

I polished up my breakfast and read a few chapters of my book before heading out. The only problem with the attic (dining area) is that it is not very well lit. Well I suppose it is keeping in tune with the ambiance but I find that the lighting is not very conducive for reading. Maybe sitting outside would be better.

Next time I drop by The Attic I would definitely try their homemade zucchini and cranberry bread. Sounds interesting!

My rating: 7.5/10

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