Cimbalino @ Cottesloe

I’ve had the most amazing coffee in Perth…served by Cimbalino. It was so amazing I did not even have to put sugar in it like I usually do. The coffee is how coffee should be – perfectly roasted – and the milk is silky smooth. Even skinny coffee is just as creamy. Great coffee standards too. Several times I’ve been here and the baristas have yet to disappoint me.

Cimbalino: skinny latte

During the Easter long weekend, we popped by just before they closed up for the day at 5:30pm. The only sweets left in the fridge by then were a few cake slices and some macarons. I have a weird mission to search for awesome macarons (even though I’m not a big fan of them) so I ordered a mocha flavoured one to try. It looked perfect – smooth and glossy and not too thick. However, it did not taste anything like mocha. It was more like a mocha coloured vanilla macaron. Not sure if I’d give the other flavours a try.

Cimbalino: mocha macaron and a take away coffee

Just today after work I was craving for a good cuppa so I convinced my aunt and uncle to come for a ride with me to Cottesloe. I wanted to try their hot food (given I was semi-starving) but kitchen closed at 2:30pm so I had to settle for something small and sweet. We shared a slice of spiced pear with vanilla bean cake and a passionfruit curd. I found the spiced pear cake to be uber delicious. I wouldnt usually go for cakes made with fruit because they have disappointed me so many times but this was something different for my taste buds. The cake was very moist and it was not overly spice-y and was just sweet enough. The vanilla bean icing topping it complemented the cake very well and it had a nutty taste to it. One third of a slice was simply not enough for me!

Cimbalino: spiced pear with vanilla bean cake

The passionfruit curd tart was very good too. Very very tangy. I think it should be called lemon and passionfruit curd. It’s more lemony than passionfruity. The curd was not runny too, which is good because runny curds freak me out.

Cimbalino: passionfruit curd

The other cake slices I’ve tried were also divine. I’m assuming that most of the cake slices have the same base batter then added with different fruit and veg and nut combinations because all the flavours that I’ve tried so far has the same look and the same cinnamon-y vanilla cake taste to them. The zucchini, pistachio and lime cake was very moist and tasted fresh. You can hardly taste the zucchini but the nutty pistachio was the best part. Actually, scrap that, the best part was taking a bite of the cake with all the elements – cake, nuts and the vanilla and cream cheese icing on top.

Cimbalino: zucchini, pistachio and lime cake

Another one that is highly praised by my auntie is the orange and almond cake. She said that out of all the orange and almond cakes that she has tried Cimbalino’s one is by far the best. And I agree with her.

Cimbalino: orange and almond cake

Located along Napoleon Street, Cimbalino is surrounded by 2 or 3 other cafes and heaps of posh stores that are perfect for an afternoon stroll. The clothing stores there are very pricey and so are the specialty home wares and home furnishing stores. Cimbalino’s interior is not bad itself. Very friendly atmosphere with friendly staff but a little dim inside. Sitting outside on very high chairs and tables gives you more light and breeze, and you can also spot some really nice and expensive cars driving along the street! Well the really high chairs are a bit wobbly on an uneven sidewalk so be careful not to topple over.

Cimbalino: interior

Cimbalino: bar and counter area

Cimbalino: view from Napoleon St

This is easily my most favourite place for a great cup of coffee!

My rating: 9/10

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