Cabin Fever @ CBD

There’s no better way to enjoy a day off than chilling out in a very homey cafe that is Cabin Fever. Buried deep in Bon Marche arcade along Barrack Street, this little coffee shop is like the kitchen I’ve always wanted where friends would come over and we would spend the whole day chattering away whilst munching on sweet little goodies. Everything about this cafe screams home. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If only they could rent out this place to me once a week I’d be a happy camper.

Cabin Fever: counter and bar

Cabin Fever: "dining hall"

Cabin Fever: display of goodies

Cabin Fever: wall of cups and saucers

Adorned by a wall of cups and saucers, frames of drawings and furniture you’ll find at nanna’s place and looked after by such friendly and cheerful people, it did not take long at all for me to fall in love with this place. It was rather busy when I walked in -Business people in suits were waiting for their takeaway coffees, business issues were being discussed over at that “dining hall” and friends of the baristas were sprawled across the couch. The menu is limited to bread, muesli and muffins and quiche for this particular day (as it was today’s special). I placed my order of a skinny latte and a homemade banana and walnut bread (that came up to a total bill of $7) and settled myself onto a green wing chair. Oh what comfort! There is a coffee table next to my chair and a big table lamp so it was perfect for some reading. I took out my book and happily nibbled my toasted and buttered banana bread and sipped my coffee. It was a very light and delicious breakfast. The banana bread was very moist and delicious but could have been better with more bananas. Having it toasted gave it a nuttier flavour that was just absolutely divine! To go with it was a cup of beautifully crafted coffee that I have enjoyed to the last drop.

Cabin Fever: toasted banana and walnut bread with a latte

I sat on the green wing chair close to about 2 hours because I was desperately trying to finish reading Water for Elephants, which I did, but mostly it was just because this little coffee place made me very happy. It had such a positive energy that makes me want to spend the whole day there. If only I had another book with me. Oh, there’s free wifi too.

When I realised the time after finishing my book I finally got up to leave…but not before snapping up some photos. It’s a photo heaven for try-hard photographers like me! I bought a homemade brownie to go which is very sinfully rich and headed out the cafe and into the shop next to it called The Pigeonhole, which is owned by the same people (Cabin Fever is owned by The Pigeonhole), and that is another story.

My rating: 9.5/10

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