Daisy’s Cafe @ Jandakot

Okay, this post is outright biased I must admit. Daisy’s Cafe is the cousin’s boyfriend’s parents’ restaurant and given how much I appreciate uncle Sam (the chef, as he is affectionately called) and auntie Doris’ warmth and hospitality I cant bring myself to find any faults with this restaurant, except for the fact that it is in woop woop (that’s a place far far away, for you non Aussies). Any place farther than Canningvale from my place is woop woop. This little restaurant, just off the Berrigan Drive exit of the freeway, sits about 20 to 30 people and there is quite a significant number of takeaway patrons as well.

Daisy's Cafe: interior

But as biased as I may be, Daisy’s Cafe is really worth going the extra kilometres if what you are looking for is a neighbourhood chinese restaurant that serves food in its simplicity. The food here is sort of like home cooked meals only much better.

Our family favourites include the succulent lobster with noodles dish. The dish below features bite sized lobster pieces on udon noodles. That’s a little different from the usual egg noodles or yee mien that this dish is served with but udon worked just fine in this instance.

Daisy's Cafe: lobster with noodles

Next up is fish cooked 2 ways. I’m not exactly sure what the fish we had is called as I am not a fish monger but it’s that kind of fish with red skin and blue green spots. The head and bones in this case are battered and deep fried while the fillets are stir fried with vegetables. Either way the fish is cooked was just really tasty. Here’s the fish that was the star of the dish but the final product was consumed all too quickly.

Daisy's Cafe: fish

Then auntie Doris came out with a boiling hot claypot containing chicken pieces in a wine infused special soy sauce based sauce. The sauce was sweet yet still with that hint of saltiness and the tender chicken pieces were deliciously drunk with wine.

Daisy's Cafe: chicken claypot

A non red meat dish came next – which is another family favourite of ours – steamed egg whites with seafood sauce. Very smooth and fluffy egg whites topped with chopped seafood sauce. Be warned that this is steaming hot and will burn your tongue if you cant resist it and dove in too quickly like what happened to me.

Daisy's Cafe: steamed egg whites with seafood sauce

We would usually just ask the chef to prepare whatever dishes he felt like making and we have not yet been disappointed. Food is always fresh and consistently good – tasty but not too greasy nor too salty – at a reasonable price.

It was indeed a very satisfying family (extended family included) dinner. And if you open your ears you might even hear uncle Sam belt out some really old-fashioned Chinese songs while he cooks!

My rating: 8/10
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