La Galette de France @ Subiaco

Three things that render my weekend well spent – markets, sweets and strolling. What could be better than accomplishing all these in 1 place? Conveniently located inside Station Street Markets in Subiaco, La Galette de France Subiaco definitely makes my weekend routine complete. There are 3 La Galette shops – South Perth, Nedlands, and Subiaco – but Subiaco is the one I frequent. I get up, head down to Subi, buy loads of fruits and vegetables and then treat myself to some french pastries. Yes, some pastries because I can never settle for just 1 pastry. The pastries available depend on what time you get to the markets. Arrive too early and not everything will be out yet. Arrive too late and most would have already been sold. The best time to get there would be noon so that you can have a wide array of pastries and pies and bread to choose from.

La Galette’s stall is just before the fruits and veg stalls so be prepared to squeeze through a sea of onlookers and passers-by.

La Galette de France: shopfront

Here, I am always greeted with a smile and fast service and the waft of freshly baked croissants always draw me back for more. One of the things I like about La Galette de France is that they are not sugar crazy. Everything is just sweet enough which is how I like my sweets. My top picks are: any of the petits fours, particularly the lemon tart and chocolate tart, pain au chocolate, the mini bag of palmier and the quiche ratatouille. The lemon tart, whether small, medium or large, is super tangy. The lemon curd is not eggy at all making it a genuine tarte au citron. The chocolate tart is filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache. The sweetness does not overpower the richness of the dark chocolate which makes me appreciate it even more. Both tarts have a very nutty pastry shell. Yum yum!

La Galette: tarte au citron et tarte au chocolat

The pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) is very flaky but not overly greasy like some of the croissants I’ve had elsewhere and is filled with rich dark chocolate. Size is a bit too small for my appetite though.

La Galette: pain au chocolat

The bag of palmier is one bag of crunchy goodness that even my granny LOVES. In fact, she was the one who bought it and tempted me to share it with her because she felt guilty finishing the whole pack by herself.

Macarons? Yes, they sell macarons too but they are not the best ones around. It’s better to spend your money on the tarts.

And for the first time last week I had something savoury. Not a lot of hot pies and quiches left late in the afternoon. There were only 2 kinds of quiche that I could choose from – quiche lorraine (ham and cheese) or quiche ratatouille (tomatoes, zucchini and other veggies). Of course I had the quiche ratatouille because ham and cheese were too plain. I made the right choice though because this was one very tasty quiche. It was packed with rich tomatoes with only a little layer of egg.

La Galette: quiche ratatouille

As with every other shop that hand makes their products and make them as close to authentic as possible, prices would be an issue if you are the stingy type. Petits fours cost $2.30 each for 1 bite; pain au chocolat is $3; quiche is $4. But the adage “you get what you pay for” is certainly very true in this case. This is certainly one of the best French patisserie and boulangerie that I have ever been to in Perth.

My rating: 9/10
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