Jean Pierre Sancho @ CBD

I have an inexplicable relationship with anything French. Perhaps it has something to do with me taking up French history some odd years ago that France, or anything French really, has left such an impression in my life. Naturally, every time I step into Jean Pierre Sancho Boulangerie et Patisserie on Hay Street and walk up its glass stairs I am reminded of my said relationship with the French, and also those chic little cafes that you see in movies.

Jean Pierre Sancho: cafe interior in a glass enclosure

It is a very spacious cafe with a few tables on the sidewalk too. When you step in you can hear quaint French music playing in the background. The cafe does need a little more ventilation though or turn up air conditioning. If you wear long sleeves clothing you will no doubt start sweating within the next 5 minutes, even in winter. Stuffiness aside, head over to the counter and you will be greeted by none other than the French speaking staff. I have yet to encounter a staff there who doesn’t speak the language. They are friendly, and most importantly, patient enough to allow me to practice my French with them and correct me if I use the wrong gendered articles.

Owned by 3 partners, one of whom is my friend’s brother, all the products they sell are handmade in store every day. There is a wide variety of savoury and sweet goods to choose from and don’t forget the breads as well. Over the past year that I have been coming here, prices have also gone up with inflation but, given the size, quality and consistency of the products, I am inclined to overlook this.

The croissants and chocolate croissants here are one of the bests I’ve had in Perth. Croissants that taste like what they should taste like (that’s to say not factory made) – very buttery and rich. Other pastries that I have come to love include -

The lemon tart, tangy just the way I like it but it has the tiniest hint of egginess which is a little turn off for me but that which doesn’t stop me from eating it.

The chocolate mousse, very smooth and very rich chocolate mousse. Not much to complain about that one.

And the blueberry and almond tart. This is by far my favourite. Sweet blueberries sandwiched between 2 almond based cakes, now what could possibly go wrong with that? It was a great afternoon treat after a long day of walking. The tart was pretty big for me to eat in 1 sitting. So I asked one of the staff if I could have it sliced in half and have the other half to take away. She gladly did this for me. People who stereotypically think of the French as a stuck up bunch should really come over to Jean Pierre to experience for themselves just how friendly they can be.

Jean Pierre Sancho: half of a blueberry and almond tart with coffee

Then you wash down all the sweets with a cup of organic fair trade coffee. Coffee is not the best there is but has improved significantly over the past year. They serve it with a bite-sized, buttery and nutty biscuit on the side too.

Jean Pierre Sancho has been in the Perth cafe scene for over a year now and they have already expanded by opening a smaller shop in St. Georges Terrace catering for the busy corporate people. If that’s not enough for you, they do catering as well as deliveries in the CBD area using a characteristically French delivery bike.

Jean Pierre Sancho: delivery tricycle*

My rating: 8/10

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2 thoughts on “Jean Pierre Sancho @ CBD

  1. Ooo looks good, another one to add to the list to try :) Have you tried Choux Cafe? :) Would love to see your post if you have :)

  2. hey tracy! Yeah I’ve tried Choux Cafe. It’s a good impression food-wise but I’m waiting and wanting to go there again before I make my judgement. Too many sweets to try!!

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