Brownhaus @ Subiaco

It’s our weekly fruit and veg run at Station Street Markets and it was unbelievably busy down that area because a footy match just ended. Roads closed, cars stuck in traffic and people here and there. It was a nightmare finding parking so my auntie and I parked at the first spot we found along Rokeby Road, not too far from the markets but seemed like a mile away when you’re carrying 2 heavy boxes of fruits and veg.

It just so happened that we parked outside Brownhaus and, Auntie C and I decided to have something little to eat on our way back. Brownhaus is a coffee and dessert bar serving freshly made waffles, cakes, macarons, Swiss chocolates, coffee, chocolate drinks, mocktails and cocktails (based on what I gathered from the menu). It shouldn’t be hard to miss when you walk along Rokeby Road, near the corner of Hay Street.

Brownhaus: view from the street

I had a little chat with the owner and based on what he told me Brownhaus has been in Subiaco for about 2.5 years now. He, the owner, studied in Switzerland hence the Swiss/European theme of the cafe adorned with bright yellow lights. All chocolates are Swiss and the cakes they have are made in Perth by their French suppliers. I was very hungry so everything looked really appetising. Auntie C and I originally thought of sharing something sweet so as not to spoil our appetites for dinner but she wanted to get the Belgian waffles to see if they are better than Gelare’s while I wanted something savoury. We couldn’t agree on which one to get so we got both!

We had a Doubtfire Belgian waffles that came with bananas, pineapple, desiccated coconut, cream, ice cream, chocolate syrup and maple syrup. We chose not to have the ice cream and this is how it looked like -

Brownhaus: doubtfire Belgian waffles

The waffle was definitely not as crunchy as Gelare’s and this one here actually has substance, i.e. dense and very filling. Even without any toppings the waffle itself was quite tasty – milky and eggy – and not overly dry. It wasn’t overloaded with syrup so the sweetness was just right. I was a little hesitant about the pineapple on top of the waffle but it was quite a nice surprise. All the waffles are $9.

For my savoury stuff, I had a spicy Cajun chicken wrap. The staff told me it was not overly spicy and that “it has a nice taste to it” so I went ahead and ordered that instead of a chicken and cheese wrap. I had it toasted so it was steaming hot when it was served. The wrap was simple – a little bit of lettuce, shreds of carrots and a generous amount of Cajun chicken with a tangy dressing, for $7.50. Maybe I was hungry but this is one good wrap, though it was a little spicier than I expected it to be. The chicken was very tasty and the dressing complemented it well.

Brownhaus: spicy Cajun chicken wrap

For drinks, Brownhaus’ specialty is their Belgian hot chocolate and Dutch coffee. Auntie C had the Belgian hot chocolate and you can choose to have a textured one or a layered one. The staff told us the layered one (called a wallbanger) had more cocoa and that it has layers – as the name suggests – 1 layer for cocoa, 1 layer for milk, 1 layer for froth. Dark chocolate is used for this drink but it was quite sweet for a dark chocolate. Nonetheless, it was very rich and it had a nutty taste to it. Auntie C said that the more you drink it the more you come to like it. The nutty taste might have something to do with it, she reckons. I had a sip and I wouldn’t mind ordering that again.

Brownhouse: Belgian hot chocolate wallbanger

I had the Dutch coffee latte and I did not taste anything special about it. Tasted like regular coffee to me. This cup here was moderately acidic. Good enough but not the best. The nutty French biscuit it came with was pretty good though.

Brownhaus: Dutch coffee

So before finally heading out the door, I bought some macarons to take away – coconut & passionfruit and fig & apricot flavoured ones. It is a little pricey for its size, $2.80 each but a little bit cheaper if you get more than one. These ones here were very delicately fragile. More fragile than the other macarons I’ve had elsewhere and they crumble really easily. The fig & apricot one tasted like dates. The coconut & passionfruit is, by far, the best flavoured macaron I have had. It is uniquely refreshing and the coconut was not overpowering. They could do with a firmer shell but other than that they were good.

Brownhaus: macarons

Service was relatively okay. Our coffees came out slow even though there weren’t many patrons at that time. The wrap took a good 15 minutes to come out too but I’m trying to convince myself that this was made from scratch that’s why it took that long to come out. Somewhere I’ve worked before, wraps were pre-wrapped so they shouldn’t take long at all to be toasted and served. The waffle was freshly made so that took quite some time to come out too. On a regular day I really wouldn’t mind waiting for my food but I was very hungry so I was really conscious of time, counting down the seconds til I can get something to sink my teeth into.

Brownhaus is a good place to go to when you are craving for something sweet. Certainly did give me a good first impression so I would come back and try the smoothies and other chocolate concoctions that they have on offer.

My rating: 6.5/10

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