Good Fortune Duck House @ Northbridge

My old boss has this habit of explaining ideas through metaphors. We have endured long talks about 3-dollar Coke cans and that “little shop at the corner of the street” serving ham and tomato sandwiches. Then, one day, the Coke hype suddenly died down and he started talking about ducks. One place he kept referring to was “Good Fortune Roast Duck” (which I later found out was really Good Fortune Duck House). I can only assume that he loves this place since he has mentioned it in our morning “meetings” for a good 1 month – something about roast duck and peking duck and minced duck meat. I spaced out after 2 minutes of him talking about roast duck daydreaming about having roast duck for lunch.

I finally found a good reason to head to Good Fortune Duck House to get some duck action. My family and I were celebrating the fact that I am a finally a resident of Australia. Yay! We use the most random happenings as reasons to eat out a lot. It was a Friday and I called to make reservations for 8 people. The restaurant is not big at all and they only had 2 big tables to accommodate big groups so it was important that everyone in the group arrived on time. Otherwise, they won’t let you take the table. It was a busy night in Northbridge so parking was a nightmare. I walked from the city so I arrived first. The rest of the group took half an hour to find a parking spot and the waitresses were ready to shoo me out of the restaurant. They kept asking me every 2 minutes when the rest of the party will arrive and all I could say was “soon”. Though I do understand why they wanted to kick me out (there were quite a number of people waiting for a table outside), the waitresses could have told me or explained to me nicely that there were other patrons waiting outside instead of giving me that cold look. Well, good and friendly service is not exactly what you’ll find in most Asian restaurants.

By the time my family arrived, food was served because I ordered beforehand. But even on a busy night, food came out in about 10 minutes upon ordering. We had the roast meat combination consisting of bbq pork and roast duck. Honestly, the roast duck was not as good as I expected it to be. Given that they specialise in roast duck it was rather disappointing. The pieces they gave us were not very meaty but at least the duck was not very fatty. Truth be told, I have had better roast duck elsewhere.

Good Fortune Duck House: bbq pork and roast duck

I don’t usually order fried rice when eating out but we had a fussy eater with us so I did end up ordering the special fried rice. The fried rice was so-so, definitely nothing special about it.

Good Fortune Duck House: special fried rice

The rest of the dishes we had were quite tasty. The seafood were cooked just right – not overcooked and not chewy – which was great. We had salt and pepper squid, prawns with snowpeas and toothfish with soy sauce. The squid and the fish were definitely our favourites.

top to bottom: salt and pepper squid, prawns with snow peas, toothfish with soy sauce




Then to complete the meal, we had kangkong with garlic and sizzling Japanese tofu with seafood sauce.

Good Fortune Duck House: kangkong with garlic

Good Fortune Duck House: sizzling Japanese tofu

When you step inside Good Fortune Duck House, it really does take you back to China, or, at least, those typical Chinese restaurants in Asia where chairs are very oriental (and by that I meant chairs that I saw in China at my grandparents’ old house) and some menu items plastered all over the walls. The place is a bit murky too – dim lighting and it had that “sticky” feel inside where months of grease seemed to have infused the place.

Good Fortune Duck House: interior

But I hope this has changed. I was passing by one day and saw them taking all the furniture out on the street. Perhaps they were doing a general cleaning? One can only hope. Despite the shabby ambiance, there is good reason though why people are willing to line up to sample some of Good Fortune Duck House’s dishes. They are tasty, affordable and generous in portions. You do get that bang for your buck.

My rating: 7/10

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