Took Bae Kee @ CBD

You know that little Korean restaurant along Pier Street that you can never get into? Well, after months of “trying to get there early” to get a table, I finally got the chance to sample their wonderful dishes. In fact, I’ve been to the Took Bae Kee Pier Street restaurant twice now and once to the newly opened Took Bae Kee 2 restaurant in Barrack Street.

The restaurant in Pier Street is a tiny little shack, hence why you have to be there early to get a table. There are always people waiting outside – even when it’s chilly – and if you happen to be one of them you can’t help but stare at the people eating inside, hoping it would induce them to eat faster. I usually come with a big group and this is clearly not the way to go. Unless they join all the tables together, Took Bae Kee Pier Street can only accommodate groups of 4 people max or less so better head to the Barrack Street one if you want space.

Took Bae Kee 2: Barract Street restaurant interior

Took Bae Kee offers us, Perthians, wonderful Korean dishes that closely mirrored what I had sampled in South Korea a few years ago. The only difference is that meals in South Korea are served with WAY more side dishes. Took Bae Kee gives you a selection of 4 side dishes which changes from time to time and which includes kimchi, bean sprouts, soy beans, nori strips, sweet pork cubes and more.

Took Bae Kee: side dishes

I went with L once to the Pier Street restaurant and had beef bulgogi served in a claypot that keeps your food warm and sizzling. The dish was simple and good.

Took Bae Kee: beef bulgogi

L had the spicy pork, served with rice, which she said was very good.

Took Bae Kee: spicy pork

And because it was a cold night, we decided to share a hot and spicy soup to keep us warm. We had the tofu soup and it was, indeed, very hot and spicy.

Took Bae Kee: spicy tofu soup

Then the next time I came here with Auntie C I had the same dish again just because it was delicious while she had something light – Jap Chae, which is a dish of sweet potato noodles stir fried with vegetables. This dish was very tasty but quite salty. It wasn’t as good as the ones I had in South Korea.

Took Bae Kee: Jap Chae with vegetables

At the Barrack Street restaurant, I had the sliced beef soup with noodles. The soup was a touch bland but they give you salt and pepper on the side so you can season it yourself.

Took Bae Kee 2: sliced beef soup with noodles

I haven’t been to many Korean restaurants in Perth but Took Bae Kee is surely one that I will always go back to.

My rating: 7.5/10

Took Bae Kee (Pier Street)
Took Begi Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Took Bae Kee (Barrack Street)
Took Bae Kee II on Urbanspoon

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