Chocolateria San Churro @ Fremantle

Chocolateria San Churro: truffles

Long before Koko Black opened its first chocolate salon in Perth there was Chocolateria San Churro, a chocolate shop selling everything chocolate. Well if you ask me, I guess the differences between the 2 chocolate shops are that Chocolateria San Churro has a Spanish influence while Koko Black specialises in Belgian chocolates and Chocolateria San Churro’s concoctions are definitely not as heavily sugar-loaded as Koko Black’s.

My first encounter with San Churro dates back to 2008 when I went over to Melbourne and my friend took K and me to a churros shop known as Chocolateria San Churro. Since their main attraction were the churros, the 3 of us ordered a plate to share but I was not really impressed at first because I found the churros to be too doughy. It was different from the kind of churros I have grown up with hence the difficulty in adapting to this doughy churros.

The next time I went to San Churro was when they opened in Perth. Even though I was hesitant to try their churros again I ordered a plate regardless because why else would you go to San Churro right? Again, I did not find anything worth raving about with the churros.

But all that changed one winter night. Upon impulsively deciding with Auntie C that we needed desserts after dinner, we headed over to Fremantle for some chocolate fix and Chocolateria San Churro was the only place open at that hour. They were already close to shutting the shop so everything was served take away. We had, yet again, an order of the churros dusted with icing sugar and served with dark chocolate dip. Let me tell you – it was sublime. The churros we had that night was definitely better than the ones I’ve had the previous times. Freshly fried dough that was perfectly crunchy and not doughy at all. The dark chocolate dip made it even better.

Chocolateria San Churro: churros for 1

I am glad that even days after this one fateful night the churros have been consistently good.

For something different, we also had the Black Forest Trifle to share. This one here is even better. Chocolate cake with cherries swimming in cream topped with more cream and chocolate shavings – that, to me, is heaven in a plastic cup (this is served in a glass if not for take-away). I was drawn to it by this poster below, as part of their new winter menu, thinking it’s a small serving. But do not be fooled by the photo. This is one huge dessert! The best part about it is that it’s not too sweet. If only I don’t care about my health whatsoever I would’ve eaten this whole thing by myself.

Chocolateria San Churro: black forest trifle*

Alas, tonight, my family went there again and, after having a few disappointing drinks in the past such as their chocolate frappe and the coffee with condensed milk, I decided to try the famous Classic Spanish hot chocolate with coffee, called Madrid Mocha. A rich and thick hot chocolate drink with a hint of coffee. Mmmm mmmm. Very rich and thick indeed and paired up with other chocolate desserts I think I’m all set for my chocolate fix for the whole year!

Chocolateria San Churro: Madrid Mocha

In addition to the usual churros, we tried something new again called Strawberry Bizcocho which consists of chocolate cake and strawberries with vanilla custard and topped with crushed peanuts. This was good too except for the fact that the cake was one big piece of lump that was too hard to break apart. It is similar to the Black Forest Trifle (the trifle had the chocolate cake already cut into cubes) but I personally prefer the Black Forest Trifle, only because I like cream better than custard. Auntie C loved this.

Chocolateria San Churro: strawberry bizcocho

If you do not like something as heavy as cream or custard, why not try the Mocha and Pear Pudin. This one here is similar to the above desserts although it has less than a shot of coffee waiting for you at the bottom, hence why it’s called mocha, which you wont see until you’ve cleared up most of the big chunks of chocolate cake and the surrounding cinnamon pear slices that are topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. This is definitely a lighter and more refreshing option.

Chocolateria San Churro: mocha and pear pudin

I’m beginning to enjoy this chocolate shop more and more. All their shops have the same decor giving you a homey European feel to it with yellow lighting and wooden furnitures. They are also spacious enough to accommodate big groups. Whilst waiting for your desserts to be served, you can browse through their chocolate (and non chocolate) merchandise ranging from hot chocolate cups to fondue sets to truffles to coffee beans.

Chocolateria San Churro: merchandise

Or you can just simply watch the staff fry those churros to perfection.

Chocolateria San Churro: churros area

Stores are also located in Subiaco (Rokeby Road), Leederville (Oxford Street) and Hillarys.

My rating: 8.5/10

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