Pancake Pantry @ Guildford

New job, new places to eat. I thought, at first, that there weren’t any decent places to eat near my new office but after quite an extensive research I have made a list of places to try out during my lunch break. My first stop was at Pancake Pantry in Guildford. It was only a 5 minute drive from the office so I thought I’d give it a try after reading good review about this place.

Pancake Pantry

The Pancake Pantry is located in a little ‘business centre’ on the corner of Queen Street and Great Eastern Highway with ample parking spaces. I walked in and there was no one, not even the staff, so I immediately freaked out. But the owner walked in behind me soon enough (she was chatting with the people next door) and helped me choose which pancakes to order. I don’t usually eat pancakes for lunch so I just had this mentality that they will not fill me up thus I ended up ordering 2 kinds of pancakes – 1 savoury, 1 sweet. Each order had 2 reasonably sized pancakes and so I had 4 pancakes that day. Phew. It was already very filling after the 3rd pancake.

Pancake Pantry: interior

Generally speaking, I absolutely loved their pancakes. They were light and fluffy and certainly better than the ones I have attempted to make from scratch. They were already very tasty on their own (i.e without toppings and fillings) without being overly sweet. More of a buttermilky taste I’d say.

For the savoury one I had the Bruschetta pancakes, with diced tomatoes, diced red onions, few leaves of basil and cheese and a little container of whipped butter on the side.

Pancake Pantry: bruschetta pancake

This is one of their “specials” flavoured pancakes. It was so-so for me. The tomatoes were fresh but I, personally, would prefer to have the red onions cooked a little bit to make them sweeter. I would like to have more cheese in the pancakes too. I’ve never had a savoury pancake before and this was a good introduction to it.

Then for “dessert” I ordered the Banana, walnut and maple syrup pancakes plus ice cream on the side. I think the owner took the wrong order because my pancakes did not have any walnuts in them. What a bummer. But it was still good without the nuts. For $8 per serving, dont expect to be given real maple syrup. Well regardless of the fake maple syrup, this was a classic pancake made perfectly.

Pancake Pantry: banana and maple syrup pancakes

After receiving a comment from Rob and reading heaps of good reviews about their special Korean pancake and Cookies and Cream pancake, I knew it was time to make a trip to the Pantry again. So I journeyed off last Thursday and ordered my usual 2 lots of pancakes. I was battling between cookies and cream and the pineapple coconut flavours but the owner would most definitely not help you choose which flavour to get when you ask her which one she recommends. It’s like asking her which child her favourite is. I ended up getting the cookies and cream which was great specially when you get a bite of big chucks of Oreos. Then top that with vanilla ice cream and it was just perfect.

Pancake Pantry: cookies and cream pancakes

My boss dropped by my desk and saw my humungous pancakes and almost drooled. She asked for the directions to the Pantry and I happily gave her the directions. I wouldn’t want to deprive people of a delicious pancake fix.

I decided to have my Korean pancakes for dinner. They were already cold come dinner time and I had no means of heating them up but they were still mighty tasty. Who knew that simple ingredients like tomatoes, spring onions and cheese would make such good pancakes? Rob was right – the Japanese mayo just brought this pancake to another level. This was definitely better than the bruschetta flavoured one.

Pancake Pantry: R.C. korean pancakes

4 flavours down. And more than 10 to go.


A word of caution: Pancake Pantry is only open from Thursdays to Sundays.

My rating: 8.5/10

Pancake Pantry on Urbanspoon

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2 thoughts on “Pancake Pantry @ Guildford

  1. I absolutely loved their pancakes too! After reading a review on their Cookies and Cream pancake and their special Korean pancake and seeing the images on their Facebook site, I just had to try them. I was not disappointed one bit and like yourself I was so very full. Lovely texture and flavours, very good value for money. The Korean pancakes tasted exceptional on their own but the taste stepped up once again when combine with the sauce provided. Same with the Cookies pancake, beautiful texture and flavour on their own but just that little bit more special then consumed with the 2 scoops of ice cream provided (at no extra cost). I would have to disagree with your rating tho unfortunately, and give them at least a 9 out of 10!! I found Pancake Pantry, Wonder-FULL! 9/10

    • Hi Rob, you’ve convinced me to try their korean and cookies and cream pancakes. No regrets at all! Updated my post to incorporate these 2 flavours.

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