Cimbalino @ CBD

One of my favourite cafes has a branch in the city right inside the food court in ENEX100 and even though I usually stop by ENEX when I’m in the city I have never noticed that Cimbalino is right there.

I hardly go to the food court area in ENEX100 but today was an exception. As I was rushing for a facial appointment, I finally went to the food court to grab a quick lunch. While waiting for my food buzzer to go off I looked around and, lo and behold, Cimbalino was standing majestically right in the middle of the food court. I quickly decided that I would come back after my facial for a cuppa.

I met up with Auntie J after my hour of relaxation and her hour of shopping. I placed our orders hoping the coffee would be just as good as Cimbalino @ Cottesloe, which I frequent. Just for a change from my usual latte I had a flat white this time around. The barista on duty also works at the Cottesloe cafe so the coffee definitely did not disappoint – perfectly smooth milk at just the right temperature.

As much as I tried not to get any sweets to go with our coffees I simply couldnt resist it. They have the same cake slices as the Cottesloe store although there were a couple of sweets that I have never seen before. It’s either they really don’t serve them in that store or those sweets are so popular that they sell out before I get the chance to eye on them when I go to Cottesloe late in the arvo. So we ended up getting the lemon and lime tart -

Cimbalino: lemon and lime tart

This was quite tangy with the slightest hint of egg curdle taste. The pastry was too thick and not flaky enough for me and did taste a little bit artificial. Their passionfruit curd that I’ve had in the Cottesloe store was definitely better.

And we also got the mini white chocolate cheesecake. Again, I had issues with the pastry, as above, but the filling was smooth, creamy and cheesy.

Cimbalino: mini white chocolate cheesecake

I’d really just stick to the coffee and the better tried and tested cake slices when I come here next.

My rating: 7.5/10

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