Angelo’s Pizza and Pasta @ Como

A little girl talked me into getting pizza for dinner. I suppose that is what I get for taking her along for a quick ride to the city and back. After already deciding to head straight home after our mini adventure for the day, something about sinking my teeth into a cheesy slice of pizza made me turn to the opposite direction of home.

As we already drove past Ciao Italia our next best option was to head down Canning Highway, towards Burswood, and search for a pizza place called Angelo’s Pizza and Pasta, which I always see when I drove along that street but never tried. I turned in a street too early so my little cousin and I had to walk a few meters in the freezing cold for pizzas. We didn’t know what to expect but, a few feet away from the pizza shop, the waft of pizza in the oven was coming towards us. A good sign indeed. If you ever get lost just follow the smell.

The place was totally not what I expected. Given the name “pizza and pasta” I expected a little restaurant with a few tables for dine-in customers. But no. This wasn’t the case. There were only 2 small park tables and benches and no one in his right mind would sit there in this weather. Basically, it’s 98% a take-away business. It’s a quaint little shop that needs renovating but I’d let this one pass because they make very good pizzas. There isn’t much to do when you’re waiting for your pizza. They have a few magazines for you to read or you can always watch them make the pizzas. For us, we went to the kebab shop next door to get some baklava and hedgehog slices for dessert.

Angelo's Pizza and Pasta: interior

It took about 15 minutes for our pizzas to be made. It was a busy night with customers walking in one after the other and even more people coming in to pick up their pre-ordered pizzas. We had the Stonecutter pizza topped with italian sausages, eggplant, spinach, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese on a basil pesto base. Wow is all I can say. Everyone in the house absolutely loved this pizza. From the pickiest of the picky eaters to the die-hard veggie fan, we all agreed that this pizza was simply delicious. The basil pesto was a good change from the usual tomato sauce based pizza and it gave the pizza a nutty flavour. The only downside? It was quite greasy.

Angelo's Pizza and Pasta: stonecutter pizza

For a big family like ours, 1 large pizza is not enough so we also had a family size Marine Supreme pizza with prawns, crab, onions, olives, pineapples and cheese with a tomato sauce base. Auntie C said this is a bit too bland for her but for the rest of us it was tasty enough. There was hardly any grease on this pizza and the pineapples made it even tastier.

Angelo's Pizza and Pasta: marine supreme

Since dinner was already made when we got home, the pizzas became our after-dinner “snack” and we still managed to finish BOTH pizzas! Amazing, isn’t it? We will definitely consider Angelo’s again for our next pizza night. The Caribbean Crunch pizza is already calling out to me.

We all collectively agree to give this an 8/10 rating.

Angelo's Pizza and Pasta on Urbanspoon

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