Atrium @ Burswood

The only time I would dine in Burswood’s Entertainment Complex is when there is an event. Most restaurants there offer a discount tied up with your event so it is an opportunity not to be missed. Last night was such an event. A few friends and I were catching the musical “Wicked” at 6:30pm and, given the time, eating at Burswood would have been the logical choice. Everyone chose Atrium for our pre-show dinner and I must admit that I was hesitant at first. The last time I dined here was a few years back and it ended with a very unsatisfactory experience. As a buffet restaurant, there wasn’t really a lot of appetising dishes to chose from. And those that did look appetising enough were just mediocre. That plus the price they charged was enough for me to never go back.

Now flashforward to last night. The whole restaurant has been revamped (in fact, the lobby where the Atrium is located has been revamped) and I wondered to myself how long it has been since I was in Burswood. Not too long ago – just 2 years when “The Phantom of the Opera” came to Perth – and that was when the renovations were happening.

Although I am not a very big fan of buffets in Perth, simply because I’ve had better buffet experiences elsewhere, I must say that the experience at Atrium this time around was Wicked! The buffet area has a new layout and is spacious enough to accomodate traffic and queue jumpers. There is also a wide array of dishes to choose from: japanese, chinese/asian, indian, continental. They even have dimsum but they certainly don’t compare tothe ones served in actual dimsum places in Northbridge.

For most part, the dishes were lovely – tasty, flavourful and cooked just right. The stand outs for me were the baked salmon, steamed barramundi, salmon sashimi and the salt and pepper pork chops.

Just don’t stuff yourself too much and save room for dessert because Atrium’s sweets are not ones that you’d want to miss. Their waffles were unbelievably awesome! You can wait for the staff to freshly make one for you but when in a rush the pre-made soggy ones that are kept warm are good enough. I loaded mine with whipped cream and both strawberry and mango jam. It was so good that I went for a second serve of waffles with even more cream.

The chocolate fountain is hard to miss too. Chocolate covered strawberries also went well with the waffles. The other dessert that we all enjoed was the berry friand. It was moist enough, not overly sweet and comes in a generous size. The only problem with the dessert section is that some sweets were placed on the upper shelf of the table. We were disappointed to see the limited choices for sweets because we did not even see the desserts on that shelf until much taller people around us started reaching over our heads. And even in tiptoes it was hard to make out what some of the desserts were.

Overall, Atrium has greatly improved from how it was a few years ago. What I experienced last night makes a trip to Burswood worth it, and not just when there is an event happening.

My rating: 7.5/10
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