Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ Karawara

…and yet another chocolate lounge in Perth. I’ve bought coupons for Theobroma Chocolate Lounge a few months ago even though I have never heard of this place back then. Seven dollars for waffles and hot chocolate seemed like an awesome deal so at the spur of the moment I bought 3 coupons. Now I wish I had been less selfish and bought only 1.

Located amongst the many shops in the newly renovated Waterford Plaza, the chocolate lounge’s ambiance is really good. Modern interior and tucked away near the parking lot so it’s quiet. It was actually very quiet for a Saturday night. I was expecting long queues and dirty tables when we got there but this wasn’t the case. They’ve only opened in February 2011 apparently and another chocolate lounge is opening soon in Freo I’ve been told. I presented my voucher to the staff, took a seat and waited for my waffles. They didn’t take long to come out and they looked absolutely delicious.

Two pieces of sweet waffles almost drenched in chocolate with strawberries and ice cream. Honestly, they only looked delicious. Once you take a bite there’s really nothing special about them. The waffles were too sweet and they tasted like the waffles I normally make at home, which are not the best. The chocolate sauce did not have enough chocolate richness to it. It’s probably milk chocolate judging by the colour but all I could taste was sugar of some form. The only good bit? The strawberries – big pieces and very sweet.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge: waffles

The waffles came with a huge mug of hot chocolate that is kept warm by a warmer underneath. You can choose what kind of hot chocolate you wanted – milk, white, dark – or mocha made with milk, white or dark chocolate. I opted for the dark chocolate. It was big enough to be shared so I gave some to Auntie C. This one, too, is a disappointment.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge: hot chocolate

Chocolate is not rich enough and it’s sort of like a chocolatier type of Milo. Quite frankly, the hot chocolate I make at home is better. The only fun parts were drinking it from a big mug and licking the chocolate drippings (if you trust the mug is clean) and also the fact that the drink stays warm.

The chocolate lounge also serves savoury food like quiche, frittata, rolls and wraps. Just how good they are I wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t bother trying. As with any other so-called chocolatiers, they also have hand crafted chocolates that sell for $1.90 each. The range is not as wide as Koko Black or Chocolateria San Churro. At first glance the chocolates looked really pretty but when I walked over to the counter to have a good look I was quickly turned off by the bright colours on some of the chocolates. Some had bright green and bright yellow and they looked very artificial. I am not a fan of bright artificial colours on food so it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t bother trying any of those chocolates either.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge: chocolates

Maybe I have expected too much but looks can be deceiving and if it weren’t for my remaining coupons I would not really make the effort to drive all the way there just for something so average.

My rating: 5/10
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2 thoughts on “Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ Karawara

  1. Hi, just came across your blog :)
    wondering if you’ve used your other vouchers and whether the quality got any better? i was thinking of trying this place out!

    • Hi there, I have used up all my vouchers but sadly there was no improvement with the quality and taste of the waffles. I really would much rather have Gelare waffles with ice cream.

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