Espresso 7 Seas @ Ardross

The biggest lesson learned this morning is that waking up early so that I’m not rushing about every thing makes for a good morning. I awoke later than usual this morning only to find that there’s not much food left at home for me to make myself a substantial breakfast. So I decided to head out for a good breakfast despite running a little late for work. I was orginally planning to go to Sensations en Ardross (along Ardross Street apparently) but without checking the correct address I turned into the wrong street and ended up at Espresso 7 Seas.

It was awfully quiet when I went in. There was absolutely no one and for a minute there I thought they were still closed. The clock was ticking so I decided to just deal with my mistake and get something to eat so I can rush off to work. There wasn’t a lot of breakfast items to choose from – just the standards like big breakfast, eggs on toast, bacon and eggs. I opted for the big breakfast and a latte all for $18.50. Coffee was not too bad. It depends on who made it though. The auntie who made mine was not very skilled but one of the staff made a better looking one for another customer.

Espresso 7 Seas: big breakfast

And there was my big breakfast. It is filling but not satisfying. I asked for poached hard eggs but it came with 2 very runny eggs. Tomatoes were not roasted enough and the bacon was very dry and tasted funny. The cheese dog sausage was good though – a change from the usual chipolatas that other cafes serve and which I dislike. The toast could be improved too. I had the rye toast and it was thin as! They gave me just 1 piece of toast cut diagonally and it wasn’t even enough to soak up the runny yolks that they gave me.

Espresso 7 Seas is in a good quiet location but I wouldn’t dare say that I’d be back again to give their other dishes a try. Their concept is a Western and Asian cafe so, in addition to burgers and fish and chips, you’d be sure to find Malaysian dishes as well like laksa and curries. I’m not entirely sure how the name “Espresso 7 Seas” fits into the concept. One thing that majorly turned me off was the smell of the cafe. It’s the kind smell that you find in and should only be restricted to Asian/Chinese restaurants. Early in the morning I walked out and my hair and clothes already smell like curry. That’s definitely not how I’d like to start my day.

My rating: 5/10
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