Sensations en Ardross @ Applecross

Great start on a wet Tuesday morning, I finally managed to go to Sensations en Ardross (the correct cafe this time – my cafe confusion in previous post) in Applecross. I woke up a little earlier today to ensure I had time to check out google maps and locate the cafe. It’s funny how I still manage to get lost around the area I’ve been coming to for the past 5 years!

I fell in love with this gourmet cafe as soon as I walked in. The ambiance was definitely top notch with a rustic European feel and I could just sit there the whole day reading magazines while sipping my coffee. The breakfast menu was not too bad – few choices but enough variety. I ordered the “Breakfast Burger” with 2 fried eggs. bacon, spinach and mushrooms sandwiched between the softest bagel I have ever eaten. I’m not entirely sure if it was a bagel but it was round with a hole in the middle so I assumed it was a bagel. No, it was defintely not a doughnut. My burger also came with a balsamic glaze that went well with the burger but was too little. Then I reluctantly washed it all down with a cup of flat white that tasted bitter and burnt.

As I’ve said, I was off to a great start – found the cafe easily, loved the ambiance at first sight. Then I almost fainted when the staff told me the how much I owed them – a whopping $27.20 for a breakfast for 1!! I was still a little too drowsy from my lack of sleep the night before so I managed to skip the part of the menu where the prices are printed so I suppose that was a little stupid on my part. Just assuming that coffee is $4.90, that leaves $22.30 for my breakfast burger, which I think is seriously overpriced no matter how much I enjoyed and thought how lovely it was. The portion was not that big either. Yes it was filling but, being the super slow eater that I am, if I can finish the meal in half an hour then it’s definitely not that big of a portion size. The cafe being in an upscale suburb, their prices are definitely upscale too.

Don’t get me wrong though. I wouldn’t mind dining here again but only after I’ve saved up for a bit and had extra cash to spare. This is definitely not something I am willing to fit into my weekly routine otherwise I’ll be penniless by the end of the month. It is better suited for those “one in while” occassions for the impovershed working mass like me or for the upscale people living in the upscale vicinity of Sensations en Ardross.

My rating: 7/10
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