Cioccolato Espresso @ Applecross

Some days I just get into my crazy spending mood. Though I know I should be saving up for a spending spree in September, I convinced myself that spending on food is okay…so long as it’s not fine dining. Today’s excuse for spending was muesli. Sick of having muesli (yet again) for breakfast at home I ventured out to the Applecross area again hoping to have a good breakfast. There is something about the cafe strip in Ardross St that just makes my day happier. It’s like I’m in a different world with all the shabby chic cafes, specialty stores and, of course, The Good Grocer.

I do love my Brookfarm’s muesli with milk, yoghurt and fresh fruits but I’ve been having the same thing for about 2 weeks now I’m bound to go insane. I needed something different and I am craving for savoury things these days. I tried to stay away from Sensations en Ardross (because I’m still waiting for pay day) so today’s cafe was Cioccolato Espresso. I was careful enough to check the prices first and they were reasonable enough so I decided to have breakfast there. The breakfast menu had nothing over $20 and coffee was about $4.10. I’ve never been to Cioccolato before so I really didn’t know what to expect of their food and the serving size. The menu was simple featuring simple and basic ingredients with, what I’d call, a creative twist. It’s not the usual bacon and eggs on toast but rather something like mashed avocados on toast with something something.

I had the roasted mushroom bruschetta with beetroot mash – 2 things I love in one plate, I can’t go wrong with that, can I? Very earthy flavours I must say. This was a pleasant surprise. I was half expecting to be served button mushrooms with toast with a side of beetroots but what I was given was very well presented and it also had a little balsamic glaze. I’m a sucker for balsamic glaze. I wouldn’t say that this was a very big breakfast. I was not left hungry but there was still room for dessert. I may just try making this at home (it looks simple enough!) Their coffee isn’t too bad either – smooth and at the just temparature for me. Overall, I had a good breakfast for under $19.

Cioccolato Espresso: roasted mushroom bruschetta with beetroot mash

Cioccolato Espresso is one of the smaller cafes on the strip (size wise). There were about 5 tables inside that can sit 3 people and 2-3 tables outside. The biggest table they had was one that could sit 6 people. Though small it may be it has a very good ambiance nonetheless. It is very modern looking yet it still feels homey. Staff is very friendly and almost everyone who goes there are regulars. The barista knew almost everyone who walked in after me and even the customers know each other. It was like there was a small Cioccolato community gathering this morning (or every morning, I would assume). The cafe has recently expanded its counter bench so now they could have more muffins and other sweets on display. The regular customers noticed this and they all loved it. Wow, the things I learn from my 40 minutes in Cioccolato.

If there’s one thing that annoyed me it was the glare of the sun. The sun was slowly rising when I got there and it was just reflecting on everything in the cafe! Good thing it’s winter.

My rating: 8/10
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