The Naked Fig @ Swanbourne

A semi-swanky restaurant situated in one the best spots on the beach that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner…now that’s my kind of restaurant. Two things I come to The Naked Fig for – the rampant swan smoothie and the view of the ocean. And really, that’s all I come here for.

Let me start by saying that this is one of the better spots along the Cottesloe shoreline, but I guess The Naked Fig is technically in the Swanbourne precinct, because it feels secluded yet busy enough inside. The restaurant is located in a no through road so once you get settled in you won’t be bothered by cars driving past. But the restaurant is also busy enough to bring life to it. Every time I come here it’s always full. And every time I plan on coming here I forget to make reservations. The wait’s usually half an hour and they direct you to the comfy couches in the waiting area overlooking the ocean. Man, if I come alone I really do not need a table. I can just sit on the couch whilst sipping on my smoothie.

The Naked Fig: eggs on fire

I sometimes find that there is no consistency with the way they prepare the food and drinks. The first few times that I was there it was all bliss. No complaints whatsoever and staff was very knowledgeable. However, the last time I was here, which was last Sunday, things seemed to be a bit off. I can almost swear that there was an item missing from the menu which I was keen on ordering. Something with salmon. Either that or I was in lalaland. So instead I settled for my usual eggs on fire breakfast consisting of poached eggs, bacon, potato cake, corn relish and an avocado. I wanted to try something new but I find that the other items are too common – eggs benedict, pancakes, muesli – so I always end up ordering this. I love how the corn relish complements the potato cake; it gives more flavour to the potatoes and makes it less dry. The bacon I had though was way too fatty. Sometimes it’s perfectly cooked and sometimes they just don’t get it right. I’ve tried the pancakes too but nothing special with them. Better than Dome pancakes but not the best. I still don’t get why there is a need to serve the pancakes with eggs. Bacon I can understand but not eggs. You can have the eggs however you want them but they came sitting atop the syrup drenched pancakes. Yikes. Looks unappetising at all because the scrambled eggs looked like a big mush so I’m glad that was not what I ordered.

The Naked Fig: pancakes

So while we were seated on the couch waiting for our table, it was a good for them to take our coffee orders while waiting. Well it was a good idea at first…until they got confused. The staff had to ask us 3 times while in the middle of our meal – what did we get, where was our table, blah blah blah. Obviously there wasn’t a system in place for orders like that. That was a bit annoying. The coffee is on the stronger and more acidic side. Not my taste.

Also had lunch here with L. I have a thing for steak sandwiches so I ordered just that upon seeing it on the menu. A big disappointment. It was as bland as can be. The ones I make at home are definitely better.

Going back to the smoothie that I love so much – rampant swan smoothie made with cherries, berries, pineapple and mango. What I love is the refreshing sweet and sour taste. But last Sunday there was a huge block of ice that was not blended with the drink. A block that big I don’t know how they could’ve missed. If it were me it’s either I take out the block of ice or put it back in the blender. I was a smoothie maker in my past life and I can tell you now that it’s really not that difficult. For the price they’re charging you’d think that they’d pay more attention to what they’re serving.

The Naked Fig: rampant swan smoothie

If it really were not for the view and that smoothie there’s pretty much nothing more to this place.

My rating: 6.5/10
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