Little Miss Cupcake @ Kalamunda

Cupcakes! Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Honestly, I’ve moved on to loving cupcakes instead of just liking them; so much so that I found it very frustrating to find a decent cupcake here in Perth because I can’t find any! My philosophy with cupcakes is that it should first tantalise the eyes and then entice the tongue. After all, cupcakes are supposed to be fancy. Fancy little treats. Fancy but not over-the-top fancy. Mind you, I don’t like sinking my teeth in neon coloured icings.

I have been searching and searching for cupcake places in Perth and it just so happens that I stumbled onto one that has a shopfront that I can access. Some cupcake makers I found are either home-based, delivery only or markets only or shops that are too far away. Little Miss Cupcake came up on my Google search and, since it had good review and was not too far from my office, I decided to give it a shot. I hopped onto my car during my lunch break and drove up to Perth Hills, Kalamunda Village, to be exact. I walked along the village’s main strip searching for this cupcake shop and I was overjoyed when I stepped into the shop. It was not only a cupcake shop but also a baker’s heaven. Plastered in pink, Little Miss Cupcake also sells bakingware, cookbooks, utensils, aprons and other fancy kitchen stuff. It was like I stepped into marshmallow land.

Okay, let’s dive into the cupcakes…

Sticky date cupcake. The cupcake was very moist (and a little sticky) and you can definitely taste the date. But you can also definitely taste the sodium bicarbonate. There are only a few places where they can mask the taste of baking soda in sticky date pudding/cupcakes and Little Miss Cupcake is definitely not one of them. I’ll let it go though because the butterscotchy icing was divine. It was a very good surprise to start my day.

Apple custard cupcake.  I was a little hesitant to get this flavour at first because I found apples rather strange to be put in cupcakes. But I was curious so I bought it anyways. And it turned out to be a wonderful surprise. The flavours worked really well – chunky apples for texture and custard for moisture. This one here is Auntie C and Auntie J‘s top pick.

Cookies and cream cupcake. Judging from the first look I knew the cupcake was going to be dry. And I was right. The outer perimeter of the cupcake was on the drier and crumblier side but it’s quite moist in the middle. My theory is that the towering size of the cupcake needed a longer baking time leaving the edges more well done than the middle bit. It was quite a dense cupcake too filled with chocolate chips and Oreo bits. You definitely get that Oreo taste and that icing magically turns it into an enjoyable little (and filling) treat.

Carrot and walnut cupcake. I was very pleased to find out that this carrot cupcake is not all too greasy like the ones you get in most places. Definitely very moist and not overpowered by cinnamon. The only deal breaker? Sultanas. Not to worry; it wasn’t loaded with sultanas. I am just biased against sultanas because the only time I would eat a rehydrated and baked dried grape is never. Well I could always pick out those little dried grapes and munch on the cream cheese frosting instead.

Choc overload cupcake. Is anyone else getting a sugar high just by looking at that cupcake. I think it’s really called Chocolate Mud Cake but I just call it choc overload because it is overloaded with chocolates. Moist chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and malteasers and snickers. I’d very much love to say yum because I love chocolates. But there is a line that I draw and this cupcake has just got way too much chocolates.

Vanilla butterfly cupcake.  I saved the best for last. Who would’ve thought that this simple cupcake is the one I loved best? Light and moist cupcake with mock cream in the middle all the way to the top and top crust cut off then stuck back into the cream for that butterfly effect. It is simple yet it hits all the right craving spots.

There are other flavours such as raspberry and coconut, chocolate butterfly, sprinkle with sprinkles…but I restrained myself in getting only 6 big ones and a mini one for the road. Be warned that these are very pricey cupcakes. A bigger cupcake costs somewhere between  $4.25 to $5.50 and a mini one costs $2.00 (and they are literally one bite). Also be warned that if you intend to buy a lot of these little cakes bring cash. There is no eftpos facility in the shop which I found very inconvenient since they are charging top prices for the cupcakes. I had to ask the staff to ring up the prices on the till before bagging them just to ensure I had enough money to pay for them.

Little Miss Cupcake is one that I consider to be one of the better cupcake makers in Perth. Definitely better than Magnolia Bakery in New York (if you must know I was very disappointed with Magnolia). The only thing holding them back is the price. Their cupcakes are expensive little treats so, personally, they are to be consumed sparingly.

My rating: 7/10
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One thought on “Little Miss Cupcake @ Kalamunda

  1. Hi cupcakes lover,

    A friend of mine makes cupcakes and sell them within circle of friends as she’s home-baker. They look exactly like the kalamunda store. Tasted her devilish cocoa cupcake on cheese frosting very yummy, lavendar cupcakes were simply heaven topped with buttercream vanilla icing, her chocolate cupcakes were so mouth watering top with chocolate frosting. She selling it at $3.50 each for the big cupcake. You should give a try.

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