Northbridge Chinese Restaurant @ Northbridge

It really does not feel like a Sunday if my family and I do not head out to Northbridge and wait under the sun (during summer) or rain (during winter) for some dim sum family time. Northbridge Chinese Restaurant, along Roe Hwy, is one of our favourites for such a meal. It’s a little pricier than other dim sum restaurants but it’s worth it – foodwise.

What I like most is that the dim sums do not taste like they are loaded in oil or fat. They are very flavourful without being too saturated so you don’t feel really heavy afterwards. If you decide to come here on a Sunday either come very early (i.e. before everyone else) or be prepared to wait in line. And the line can be really long. Once you get in, though, you will feel that weariness (from waiting in line) go away at the sight of the dim sum trolleys. In line with what you’ll find in dim sum restaurants in Asia, little bamboo steamers filled with dumplings or chicken feet or ox tripe are stacked high in steam-generating trolleys that are pushed around the resturant making occassional stops at tables with drooling patrons.

It’s best, really, to go with a bigger group so you can sample more choices. There are so many steamed and fried dim sums to choose from that we usually skip breakfast altogether so we can eat more. Either that’s smart or just plain sad is up to you. Works well for us! For a family of 9-10, we usually need around 20 dishes to fill us up:

  • har gow (prawn dumplings)
  • siu mai (pork dumplings)
  • coriander prawn dumplings
  • beef balls
  • fish ball
  • scallop prawn dumplings
  • steamed rice rolls
  • chicken feet
  • seafood and beancurd roll
  • steamed spare ribs
  • egg tart

  • radish/turnip cake
  • salt and pepper squid
  • deep fried tiny fish (exact name I do not know)
  • fried dough with rice roll

Then, for dessert, my personal favourite is the dao fu fa. Silky smooth tofu-like delicacy made from soy beans and served with syrup. This is a much better choice than mango pudding.

The many times I’ve been here food has been consistenly good. That’s the dim sum bit I’m referring too. They’re as close to the ones you can get in Hong Kong.

For banquet meals during dinner time, well, I wouldn’t say they were exceptionally good. They were good but nothing made them stand out from other Chinese restaurants in the area.

If you can get past the mediocre and arrogant service that you may sometimes come across from impatient older staff and indifferent younger staff who look like they are forced to work there, Northbridge Chinese Restaurant is really worth a lunch time dim sum trip.

My rating: 7.5/10

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