Zucchero Espresso @ Victoria Park

I was in Victoria Park a few months back, after a job interview, when I stumbled onto Zucchero Espresso. I was shopping for a car back then at John Hughes and this cafe is conveniently located near the car dealer so that was where I had my brunch. It is a little corner cafe with limited space inside and a few tables on the sidewalk. For my first visit I sat outside enjoying the bright sunny day with my contadino poached eggs, tomato and onion reduction on sourdough toast.

This may be one of the tastiest breakfast I have had. The tomatoes are rich and just acidic enough that is mellowed out by the poached eggs. The yolks were on the runnier side so I ended up essentially mixing the yolks with the tomatoes. It was a refreshing meal.

For the second visit I was very tempted to get the same contadino poached eggs because I enjoyed it so much but I decided to try something different. I got the Zucchero plate that consisted of bacon, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, sausage and sourdough toast.

Now this looks like any regular big breakfasts out there but let me point out 2 things that made it such a delight to have on a bright and breezy Tuesday morning. The scrambled eggs are the best ones that I have ever had in a Perth cafe – creamy and not overcooked; just the way scrambled eggs are supposed to be. Then there were the mushrooms. Unlike those served by other cafes – button mushrooms sauteed with just salt and butter - Zucchero Espresso went one step further and added cream and herbs to 2 kinds of mushrooms. They tasted divine! I won’t lie to you; this is one heart-stopping meal – heavy on the salt and grease from the bacon and sausages were not drained well. But it is worth a try. The serving was ginormous too so it was enough for sharing. I ate the whole plate by myself and could not finish it. Not only that, I skipped lunch as well because it kept me full until late in the afternoon.

My rating: 7.5/10

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