Crepe Cherie @ Claremont

Welcome to Paris in Perth. For weeks Auntie C has been bugging me to find a creperie in Perth and I finally managed to find one this fine Saturday morning. A trip to Claremont has found us indulging in this French delicacy and it sure made my day off from work absolutely worth it.

Located amongst the many shops at Bayview Centre, Crepe Cherie is tucked away at one of the corners of the centre, towards the rear away from the busy Stirling Hwy, but is far from forgotten. The ambiance and the setting looks very French and I love how the alfresco area has enough wind and light whilst hidden away from the sun without noisy cars zooming past.

We arrived early in the morning around 8am and the creperie was still quiet. Just another couple was there and I really enjoyed the quiet morning with my cuppa and magazine. Crepe Cherie serves both savoury and sweet crepes, some pastries like eclairs and almond croissants and macaroons. The menu is simple so it was a breeze choosing what to feed my growling tummy. I went over to the counter and was instantly greeted by a friendly bonjour. C’était un vraiment bon jour!

We had both a savoury and sweet crepe that are to be shared, of course. For the savoury one we had the Crepe Julien that had champignons, spinach, potato mash and tomato and onion jam. The crepe was not something I expected at all. It was too thin for my liking and missing the chewiness that I prefer. If there’s one thing good with thinner crepes it’s that it feels lighter in the stomach. The filling, although with potatoes, was not too heavy (also given that Auntie C and I shared one) and very tasty; served pipping hot. The  tomato and onion jam was sweet and tangy that sent my taste buds jumping for joy. It’s either Auntie C had the half where all the mushrooms were or they simply just forgot to put enough mushrooms. I had but one piece of mushroom.

After the savoury it’s off to polish the sweet crepe. We had the Crepe Celine with strawberries, jam, icing sugar dusting with a side of whipped cream. Now this is the chewier crepe that I preferred. Different types of crepes for different kinds of filling and this sweet one here reminded me all over again why I love crepes. Folded into a triangle with sliced strawberries and jam inside, this crepe tasted amazing. The jam may be a bit too sweet for me but I enjoyed every single bite regardless.

The crepes were, again, lighter than the usual ones I have so it doesn’t leave you too full. I washed it down with Crepe Cherie’s own blend of coffee that went really well with the sweet crepe. Very robust and acidic on the first sip but this was just perfect to mellow out the sweetness of the crepe.

Needless to say we have found a little gem in Claremont and we’ll surely be coming back for more French madness. French cafe music in the background makes it très parisien too.

My rating: 7.5/10
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