Squire’s Loft @ Subiaco

It’s always a good idea to head out to a steakhouse when you’ve got 3 guys (who can really eat, btw) dining out with you. So that is exactly what we did; we went to Squire’s Loft in Subiaco to have some big juicy meat and a great night out.

The steakhouse was dimly lit; more casual than fancy with wooden tables, skimpy clad waitresses, and all that but by all means you can dress up if you want to. Menus were already on the table when we sat down and the hard task was merely choosing which steak cut to have.

I’m a fan of scotch fillets so that what I ordered; medium please. As it turned out, almost everyone ordered scotch fillets. They came with either a baked potato or fries and sauce for an extra charge.

The scotch fillet was 300 grams; a huge serving for us ladies. The guys all finished their steaks while L and her sister couldn’t even finish the last few bites. Well I ate all my 300 grams of protein…does that make me one of the boys?

Anyway, the steak was nothing special. I could easily cook it myself or (worse for the¬†steakhouse) better than them. Sure it was tasty but it was too tasty. That good cut of steak does not need all that salt and seasoning in my opinion. No one asked for a well done steak but when they came out some bits here and there were too well done. I asked for a medium and it was close to well done. L asked for medium rare and again it was close to well done. For a steakhouse that serves mostly just steak you’d think that they’d get it right. Mind you, this place isn’t exactly well priced either. Not a good value for money.

Going back to the sauce I mentioned before…you can have like black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, cheese sauce…etc but you don’t really need any. The steak was salty enough that having a side of sauce just makes it pointless. And it was more than 4 bucks for a sauce made of flour and stock. My mushroom sauce had, what, 2 slices of mushrooms.

Here my tip for you: head to your butchers, get your choice of steak, and cook it at home the way you like it. You’d probably get more satisfaction.

My rating: 5/10
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