Cora Korean Charcoal BBQ @ Myaree

For $35 you can head down to Cora Korean BBQ in Myaree and indulge in all the meat, jap chae and kimchi you can eat. The concept is simple, really. This is a Korean BBQ buffet restaurant where you help yourself to marinated raw meat and cook it on the charcoal grill in the middle of your table. Korea’s famous jap chae noodles are available too and I sure ate several platefuls because it was very delicious (although a little too much sesame oil).

Cora BBQ: charcoal grill

On hand are marinated chicken, beef and pork. Nonmarinated meat and seafood is available too like the pork belly strips and prawns, mussels, and octopus. The charcoal grill certainly adds flavour to the meat. There is unlimited rice and miso soup that you can consume too. I’ve noticed a little salad bar but, quite frankly, those vegetables did not look fresh nor appetising so we passed on those. We merely had kimchi and that was good. Dessert came in 2 kinds – a butter cake and a chocolate cake sliced into very small pieces. Nah, we weren’t impressed with those.

Just ensure that you only take what you can actually eat. Cora charges $5 per 100 grams of leftovers and this little not is plastered on the tables. Hmm, I’m not sure if anyone’s actually ever been charged of this.

Overall, this Korean BBQ place is worthy enough to try. Needing more ventilation aside, food is truly well marinated and seasoned and the staff is very helpful. Our highlight for the night was having the Korean rice wine that looked like soya milk. It’s not very strong and has a subtle wheat taste. You drink it in bowls too!

Cora BBQ: rice wine

My rating: 7/10
Cora Korean Charcoal BBQ on Urbanspoon

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