Burgermeister @ Nedlands

Burgers seem to the in thing nowadays in Perth with new burger joints popping up here and there every few months. I was on my way to the library and I thought why not check out the new burger joint, Burgermeister, near the library? To German natives this name really has nothing to do with burgers. But for us, non German natives, I must admit, it’s one funky name. True enough, the joint is actually funky inside. Colourful pot lids adorned one side of the wall and various posters are plastered all over the other walls.

Sadly though the decor was really the only thing I liked about Burgermeister. Having been spoiled by Grill’d (another burger joint which I love), I was hoping that Burgermeister would deliver the same quality, or even better, burgers. I was already salivating while driving to Hampden Road thinking about biting into a juicy burger.

I ordered a Classic Beef burger with 100% certified organic grass-fed Devon cattle patty, tomato, red onion, rocket, house-made relish & Japanese mayo and chips on the side with aoili sauce. Though it was beautifully presented I was not impressed with the food itself.

The burger was thick and very lean. In fact, it was so lean that it has become tough and dry. No juice whatsoever coming out from the patty and that was really disappointing. The meat was also bland. ┬áIt was as if no seasoning was ever put on it. But okay, the tomato relish on the side can make up for that. I’m not too sure how the rockets worked in this case. I thought simple old lettuce would’ve been nicer. And don’t even get me started on the burger bun. It was quite stale and did not look appetising.

Now if I want to eat something unhealthy like chips I might as well go all the way, if you know what I mean. The chips were terrible. It was soggy; seemed to have been re-fried to be reheated. And it was seasoned WAY TOO MUCH. It was so salty my tongue was crying out for water. There was really no point in getting that aoili now, was there? Even then the aoili tasted nothing like aoili.

And so I have concluded that my $15 was wasted on this burger and chips meal. It’s a fairly new burger joint and perhaps they need more time to find their feet but I sure won’t be heading back here anytime soon. I mean, there’s a Grill’d not too far away.

My rating: 4.5/10
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One thought on “Burgermeister @ Nedlands

  1. Totally agree with you Nelle. My enthusiasm to try Burgermeister ended in disappointment. Their simple Chicken Classic burger failed to deliver on all fronts; small (did I order a mini burger?), bland (had they run out of ingredients by weeks end) and cold (was it being admired in the kitchen for 10 minutes prior to serve?). Alas, I recommend the kitchen crew from Burgermeister head off on a field trip to discover what others are doing in the burger business.

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