Jade Court @ Cottesloe

The family and I ventured a little far from home for Chinese food. When it comes to Chinese food, we usually stick to the ones we know we’re going to love like some of those restaurants in Northbridge or a few of those close to home. Someone was feeling adventurous this day and I was tasked, yet again, to look for a restaurant we’ve never been before for a change.

This was on a public holiday and I was planning to head down to the beach so I thought why not try that oriental-looking restaurant along Stirling Hwy that I drive past frequently? I made the reservations and had everything planned out for the day. Except I overslept during my “nap” and never made it down to the beach! I was already cranky at this point because I was suddenly jolted up from my slumber. It was already dinner time apparently.

So it’s a good thing then that Jade Court knew how to please customers. Otherwise I would’ve been cranky and pissed the whole night. According to one of my cousins, the restaurant looked like those you’d find in Asia. Decor is very imperial and the waitresses were wearing traditional qi paos. We sat down and ordered our food. Being all too familiar with Hong Kong cuisine, both Auntie J and Auntie C said the taste was spot on. And I do agree with them. The food was tasty and Jade Court offered a change of taste to our palettes. Even though some of the dishes we ordered are also offered by other restaurants, the taste of Jade Court’s dishes was different. It was like eating the same food but not with the old familiar taste.

These are what we had:

* Spinach with chinese mushrooms (top left) – recommended by one of the head waitresses and it was a good recommendation. Fresh veggies with humongous mushrooms in a light and tasty sauce.

* Pork chops with peking sauce (top right) – this was the only underwhelming dish of the night. I thought peking sauce was supposed to be sweet but I really couldn’t quite make out what this sauce was.

* Yam duck (upper middle left) – finally a yam duck with just the right amount of yam! The yam had just the right amount of seasoning was fried to perfection. And so was the duck; crisp and meaty.

* Gwai mah chicken (upper middle right) - fried chicken pieces with seasoned with 5 spice and other spices that also had thinly sliced yao za gwai pieces (the fried dough that you dip in porridge).

* Salt and pepper salmon fillets (lower middle left) – who knew that salmon cooked this way could be so darn good. Bite-size salmon fillets are fried until just cooked so it’s still oozing with juices when you bite into it.

* Combination yee-fu noodles Hong Kong style (lower middle right) – a noodle dish as requested by my little cousin and he has made the right choice. This is a dry-style noodle dish but still had just the right amount of sauce to make it dry-style but not completely dry. It was loaded with toppings too and we were all fighting to have the last few servings.

* Sizzling Japanese tofu (lower left) – this is one of those Chinese restaurant staple that we always have. Except this one here has bigger slices of tofu and a taste that is distinctively Jade Court. It’s not the usual salty fish-style sauce.

Last but not least we ordered an entree of shanghai dumplings (lower right) and were told that they would take a while to make and cook so it will be served together with the mains. We waited. And waited. And waited some more but the dumplings never came. When we asked the waitress to check on them she said they were coming out soon so we waited some more. So, finally, for dessert we had the dumplings.

They were lucky because the dumplings were divine. Otherwise, the oldies would have gone ballistic waiting that long (30 minutes after we finished the mains) for something that was not good.The skin was thin and not overly chewy and the filling was very tasty. Served with a ginger and black vinegar sauce.

Apart from that dumpling fiasco, it was an overall great Chinese restaurant dining experience. The service was very good and attentive which is rare for Chinese restaurants. I must commend the waitress too. She was very friendly and apologetic about the dumplings and explained to us what had happened that took them so long to come out.

Jade Court is definitely more towards fine dining; the prices alone are double that of normal Chinese restaurants elsewhere and serving size is on the smaller scale. You do get a goodservice though, I must reiterate. The bottles of water were even topped up frequently without us once having to ask them. It’s a restaurant I’d definitely consider for the more special occassions.

My rating: 8/10
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