Grill’d @ Claremont

I have been having burger brains these past few days and weeks due to some massive burger cravings. As I have professed before, Grill’d is one of the many burger joints in and around Perth that I love. Hey, if Usher (yes, the music artist Usher) has been to one of the Grill’ds then it must be good enough to try, right? There are 4 Grill’ds in Perth at the time of writing – Claremont, Subiaco, Mount Lawley, and Hillary’s – and heaps more over east. But since I frequent the Claremont joint the most this will just be about Grill’d Claremont.

That’s pretty much what you get when you eat at a burger joint: burger and chips (for extra cost), unless you order salad of course. Some would say simplicity is best. This is also applicable to burgers. I almost always get the Simply Grill’d burger with lean beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, tomato relish and herbed mayo on a wholemeal bun.

It’s really the combination of flavours that make this such an enjoyable burger for me. The beef is lean, juicy and not too thick which oftentimes leaves you feeling way too full. It is always well seasoned too so it is very tasty. The tomato relish and Grill’d’s famed herbed mayo work really well together to create one of the tastiest burgers out there. Throw in some pineapple rings, or bacon, or beetroot and they bring the burgers to another level.

Nothing too fancy over here at Grill’d. The look and feel of all their joints are pretty much the same: wooden tables and hanging board menus. It looks and feels minimalistic.

If there’s one thing to improve on it’s the consistency.

Here at the Claremont shop I find that consistency is a problem. Sometimes you get really amazing burgers and sometimes you get mediocre ones. It should all be from the same recipe given that it is a burger chain but some days you don’t get enough relish or some days the buns are not their 100% best.

Consistency is also something to be improved on service-wise. On some days the wait is just unreasonable. Or sometimes you see your burger sitting on the counter waiting to be delivered but out of the 6 or more staff they have no one really cares to deliver it to your table fresh. I’ve been lucky to get some friendly and fast service these past few visits.

My rating: 7/10
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