Sayers @ Leederville

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day. There’s no other way to enjoy my breakfast than going to places where good food is served and service is efficient. That’s my kind of lazy Sundays. Sayers is one such place. Time and again Sayers never fails to disappoint me or my companions. No matter who I drag with me to these early breakfasts they all have very positive reactions towards this food spot in Leederville.

I made it clear to my early breakfast “victims” the night before that we have to leave the house at 8am on the dot. The queue to Sayers gets really long the later you get there. Once, we had to wait for a good 40 minutes to 1 hour in summer heat. Now it’s winter and it’s cold; not many people are out on the streets that early but I am not taking any chances. Me waiting for a table with a hungry tummy is never a good combination. We got there half an hour later and the place is already full. All the tables inside were already occupied so we had to resort to sitting outside. Well, not that I’m complaining. The alfresco dining area has heaters on so the chilly day was bearable. This is one of the things I like about Sayers – sit in or sit out you would still get that cozy and homey ambiance. Where we sat it felt like I was in someone’s backyard just having a good time. I felt right at home.

Onto the breakfasts now their menu is interesting. Of course you can still get the usual something on toast, the big breakfast…etc. but Auntie C and I opted for food that we don’t usually have elsewhere. Although the cafe was full, our waiting time for the coffees and food was not long at all.

Uncle J and my little cousin shared a plate of the full breakfast presented the Sayers way; not sloppy and not greasy. Looks clean and simple and the taste does not disappoint.

Auntie C had the potato rosti with poached eggs, bacon, onion jam, and lemon scented wilted spinach. Everything about this dish is perfect. Rosti has a slight crunch on the outside, the amount of spinach is generous, and onion jam to bring it all together.

I had the charred sweet corn and pecorino cheese croquette with poached eegs, beetroot leaves, and bearnaise. Food was served straight after plating so when I dived into my croquette it was steaming and oozing with pecorino cheese. The taste of the cheese was definitely there and it went really well with the uberly smooth mashed potatoes. Bearnaise sauce I can’t fault either. It was so tasty Auntie C and Uncle J were fighting me for a bit of sauce for their own poached eggs. What I loved the most, though, was the little amount of corn salsa on the side. The dressing was sweet and tangy and it left me wanting for more corn salsa…and I don’t even usually like corn.

At the end of our breakfast I was very tempted to get sweets. The cakes on the counter looked divine and I want to eat a slice of every single cake and slices there. We were very full after all the potatoes we had and were so tempted to get the cakes for take away.

But I guess we’d save those sweets for another time. Some time soon I hope!

My rating: 9/10
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