Peninsula Tea Gardens (High Tea) @ Maylands

Nestled beside the historic Tranby House in Maylands with river views, our afternoon high tea at the Peninsula Tea Gardens looked very promising. After all, what better way to spend lazy Saturday afternoons than sitting down and drinking tea while looking at the serene view in front of you. The weather was very fine on a winter Saturday afternoon when we arrived at the tea garden. There was a cool breeze and we were given a table outside.

With all the negative reviews I have read about Peninsula Tea Gardens and after checking out their prices, I was really hesitant to give this place a try. Then the bride said she would love to have a high tea party outdoors or one with a view. And so we went ahead to make reservations at this place.

First impressions were good. The view is indeed spectacular. It’s a good place to unwind after a busy week. Service was fast too but that should be a given. The tea gardens specialises in high tea so I would assume that their service would be a breeze. Not long after our tea orders were taken the tier of goodies came out. I skipped lunch for this so I was already very hungry then.

Bottom tier: Savoury treats. Cucumber & cream cheese, Roast beef & horseradish, Leg ham & Dijon mustard sandwiches, and Smoked salmon & salmon mousse.

I was not a fan of their sandwiches. Not that they were horrible. They were too simple and too bland. And the bread was a tinge dry. The fillings were so little so the sandwiches are not something you’d be raving about. You know what? I can make better sandwiches. The salmon mousse was more enjoyable. It was tastier and was something different from the usual quiche that accompanies the sandwiches.

Middle tier: Scones with a massive serving of jam and cream

The scones were really big and I only ate half of my share so I could eat the other treats. The look of the scones could be better but other than that they were really good basic scones with the strawberry jam and cream served on the side.

Top tier: Sweet treats. Cupcakes, Lemon meringue tartlets, and chocolate squares.

The lemon meringue tartlets were good. Tangy and not too sweet. Now the chocolate squares were questionable. I still can’t make out what they were. They were squares of layered cake that are then coated in chocolate. The problem was that they were at room temperature when we ate them and the buttercream filling was starting to be very liquid. Taste-wise I don’t know what they were supposed to taste like.

By the time I got to the top tier I was already full from all the extra sandwiches I ate. So one good thing about this place is that you can bring home the leftovers and that’s exactly what we did. We took home the cupcakes and long before I could get my hands on them after dinner they were already eaten up by someone else. They did let me know though that the cupcakes were good.

Peninsula Tea Gardens is big on the views but the quality of food needs improvement. I can see where all the negative reviews are coming from. It is fair, in my opinion, to expect exquisite food when you are headed to one of Perth’s premier venues for a traditional high tea that offers a unique high tea experience. Sadly they are just not up to par. I also take issue with their teapots.

Yes I almost booked this place for the hen’s party only because the setting was fantastic and the bride loved the views when I showed her some photos. Then I thought we could all head out to Swan Valley after the tea since it’s not too far away. But no, it was a let down on food so I decided against it.

My rating: 5/10
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