Sydney edition: Adriano Zumbo Patissier

Ah well, I made a little sidetrip to Sydney last week and it was glorious. Tiring, but it was a good break. Now I’m back to reality and back to blogging about food I had in Sydney, which will comprise the next few posts. The list is by all means not exhaustive of all the places I’ve dined at – just a few ones that I really enjoyed.

One of the “must” on my list to do/try/buy whilst there was Adriano Zumbo Patissier. It was mainly about the Zumbarons since everyone talks about it and I got intrigued. What could be so good with his macarons, I thought to myself. With a few people requesting that I bring home some Zumbarons, I made sure that my schedule would all plan out perfectly. That was one of the last things I bought since macaron/pastry shelf life outside the fridge is really short.

Zumbo has 3 branches from what I can recall. Off mum and I went to the Star City Casino branch since it was the most accessible one from our hotel. This branch here also has the dessert train, which I didn’t get to try.

I had a clear idea of what I wanted to buy: a box of 10 macarons please, I told the lady at the counter. One of each of the flavours. In addition to those I also asked the lady which cakes would be ok for travelling. Citron tart, passionfruit tart, and carrot cake. OK, might as well buy those too since I was already there.

I’m happy to report that all but one of the sweets I bought from this pastry house survived the plane ride.

Whoa. There term Zumbarons is a trademark?! Anyway, the flavours range from simple to different and they were interesting to sample. I had to slice each macaron into quarters so we can all have a taste of all the flavours. Let me see if I can recall what flavours were made on that day (from left to right, top box first):

  • Pancake and maple syrup – has a slight hint of maple syrup
  • Peach iced tea – first thought when I tried this: it really does taste like peach iced tea!
  • Banana – banana flavour too sweet and too artificial
  • Chocolate – normal but very thick layer of ganache
  • Salted butter popcorn – my 2nd favourite from the box of 10. Tastes like the popcorns you get at the cinema with a buttery filling. They should sell these in movie theatres!
  • Blackened vanilla – a bit strange; reminds me of charcoal. You do get vanilla but with an after-taste.
  • Custard crunch – nothing special
  • Malted milkshake – this is yum! It had a certain fragrance to it. The colour alone was enough to intrigue me – it’s the blue/green metallic one.
  • Annunziata – normal chocolate flavour with cinnamon sugar on the top shell
  • Salted caramel – this was good too but I’ve had better

For $2.50 each I think these Zumbarons are good for the price. They are bigger than what you’d normally get in Perth for the same price plus the filling is a thick layer of yummy goodness. With that said, the filling may be a little too thick though. The proportion of macaron shell to filling is a little off such that you don’t get to taste much of the shell, which is a shame because the shells were good too. They had the slightest crunch on the outside and borderline chewy/soft on the inside.

Carrot cake and citron tart above. The citron tart is sublime – tangy, not too sweet, and very smooth. It has a thin layer of gelatin at the top for that gloss but it also give it that “bite” when you eat something so smooth.

The carrot cake, on the other hand, is not your typical carrot cake. It has the cinnamony carrot cake taste with a biscuit base and middle layer of mousse. Nuts and sultanas give it a good texture.

Passionfruit tart. The one above is what it’s supposed to look like and the one below is what happened to the one I brought home after a 5-hour flight. I talked to a friend who has lived in Sydney and apparently this had also happened to her so this passionfruit tart is prone to sliding of the crust. Regardless of what it looked like it still tasted divine. Almost similar to the citron tart but with a passionfruit taste, of course.

Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier on Urbanspoon

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