Sydney edition: Ichi-ban Boshi

Sydney was very good to us when we were there. Nice and sunny during daylight and cold and breezy during night time. It was a bit cold on one of the nights so we decided to have some hot soup for dinner to keep us warm. Destination for the night was Ichi-ban Boshi, located inside La Galeries in the CBD. The queue for this place is always long but turnover is quick. The set up looks like a cafeteria, nothing posh, which I really don’t mind as long as good food is served.

We started off by sharing a plate of gyoza. I really can’t fault anything with them – perfectly thin skin, juicy and tasty meat filling inside served steaming hot.

At the queue I was eyeing on the Tonkotsu ramen but they were sold out that night so I had a Tantanmen instead (left of photo below).

A spicier ramen with minced pork, bean sprouts, and half a soft boiled egg. The soup was rich in flavour and so was the minced pork. It really is a huge serving of ramen and I was so full I could’ve slept on the table, literally.

Mum had the chicken karaage ramen (middle photo) but had the noodles changed to udon. The kitchen happily accommodated this and mum was very happy. Soup is soy-based, salty and full of flavour but it wasn’t the type that was loaded with salt. Mum was surprised that the chicken pieces were quite tasty.

My aunt had the wonton ramen (right photo), clear soup based with wontons and veggies. The wontons were also better than wontons I’ve had in Perth. Generous and tasty filling.

At the end of the day, ramen here is very good. Big servings. Big flavours. But way too salty; you’d be asking for a lot of water afterwards.

Ichi-ban Boshi on Urbanspoon

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