Sydney Edition: Black Star Pastry

I searched high and low for this little gem known as Black Star Pastry. Anyone who has been to Sydney knows just how confusing crossing the streets is! I am definitely spoilt by Perth’s quiet streets where crossing the street is as easy as 1-2-3. I took out my printout of the list of places to eat and confirmed that this pastry house is in the suburb of Newtown. Accessible by train! Hurrah! Train plus a little bit of crossing the street.

Go check out their website and you’ll immediately be enticed by the food/pastry photos they have on there. My original intent was really just to get some pastries to take home with me but the girl at the counter advised against it saying they would melt on the way and that she didn’t want me to come home to a deconstructed cake which I probably would not enjoy. Fair enough. That left me no choice but to eat cake for breakfast in addition to my other breakfast. Black Star Pastry sells both savoury and sweet food but of course I chose a fig and raspberry danish to go with my skinny latte.

The danish had a sweet and sour contrast from the fruits sitting atop a custard-filled ¬†pastry. It was flaky and the custard was actually one of the few ones that I wouldn’t mind eating. Some are too eggy; some are too artificial. But Black Star’s was just right.

So after breakfast it was dessert time. I convinced mum to try their strawberry watermelon cake with rose cream (cake on the left) too. I did not want to feel guilty eating the whole thing by myself. Something unusual from my regular dessert picks but one that makes it to my favourites list.

The cake is light and the combination of strawberries, watermelon, and rose is fantastic. I usually find flower-flavoured sweets too floral and sickeningly sweet but this cake is neither. In fact, that layer of watermelon in between the cake layers makes it a refreshing kind of cake. The flavours worked really well together.

The cake on the right is an orange cake with Persian figs and quince. I was able to take this back to Perth due to the less amount of icing it had compared to the other cake. It was one of the last cakes I consumed and, given that I ate this 1 week after I bought it, the cake still held its shape and still tasted fresh. Strong orange flavoured almond meal cake with cream cheese frosting and pistachio slithers for crunch that goes really well with coffee.

Gluten-free brownies. I shamelessly borrowed some photos from Black Star Pastry’s website because my own photos do not do justice to these sweets. The brownies are one of them. Brownies are my usual afternoon treat when I’m in the office so I brought this one to work with me. Rich, fudgey, and nutty – these are amazingly sinful but I didn’t regret eating them. More please, I’d say.

My only real issue with Black Star Pastry is their shop front. The place is very small and cramped and there are hardly any seats, let alone tables, for you to better enjoy what they have to offer.
Black Star Pastry on Urbanspoon

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