Superstar Waffles @ Northbridge

After being in food heaven over in Sydney, I’m back to reality now. Back to enjoying Perth’s food scenes. So after much rescheduling for a waffle date Lily and I finally made our way to Superstar Waffles in Northbridge.

Who can resist waffles, right? The only places I have ever had waffles in Australia are at my house, Gelare, and Max Brenner, which, by the way, I had to travel all the way to Sydney or Melbourne for. But now that we’ve an awesome place for waffles, it’s probably time to sell my waffle iron. Superstar Waffles’ waffle prices ranges from $4 to $9.50. And they’ve also got a selection of hot and cold drinks to go with them.

Obviously this is now our new hang out place. We once had just the waffles for dinner but this is more a dessert kind of thing because it’s not enough to fill you up if eating it as a meal. The waffles are light and crunchy on the outside. Basically the same waffle base and they top with it a variety of “stuff”. Trust me, get a scoop of ice cream on the side…it makes the whole waffle experience so much better.

Some of the flavours we’ve had are (clockwise from top left): chocolate, banoffee, peanut butter mousse, and sweet milk.

What I really like about these waffles is that they are fresh and satisfying. The waffle shop being situated in a “little alley” doesn’t hurt either. Just about the cosiest place to chat and eat freshly made waffles.

Of course if all you want if something little they have waffle sticks too. It’s a bit messy to eat once you get to the middle part but this chocolate waffle stick is my best bet – just the right serving for me and it’s oozing with real chocolate sauce and peanuts.

My rating: 8.5/10
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