A happy new year and (Five) Angry Moose

Angry MooseHi everyone, hope you’re all having a fantastic start to 2013! First up is an apology for being MIA for the past month or so. Who knew that life would be such a whirlwind frenzy? I have literally not taken any rest since the weeks before my cousin’s wedding in October up to a few days ago celebrating New Year’s Eve. It’s not that I’m complaining because, as I always tell my friends, busy is better than idle. You just need to know how much un-rest you can physically handle. For what it’s worth, despite all the stress over making the wedding cake, sleepless nights worrying about not passing my financial accounting and reporting exam, thoughts of never recovering from my seasickness while whale watching, and thoughts of possibly dying from heatwave while hiking, 2012 had been a great year.

So looking ahead and going forward, 2013 might be an even better year. I’m taking it slow to start with so I can recover from all the crazies brought on from last year but at the same time I have got so many things planned for the next 12 months. What it means for this blog is, hopefully, more regular updates (be it recipes or restaurant “reviews”) and also food stuff/materials from cities outside of Perth. I have a Melbourne trip coming up with Lily and we have our eyes set on Europe at the end of this year for a long-awaited white Christmas.

Before I babble on any further, here’s a little post about a new burger joint called Angry Moose in Mount Lawley. Lily and I had our first night out this year devouring burgers and sweet potato chips with garlic aioli.

Angry Moose: figged burgerThe Figged Burger – chicken patty with fig chutney and double cream brie. Patty was dry and virtually fatless which is the only thing I disliked about the burger. But the rest, you cant go wrong with figs and brie!

Angry Moose: branded mooseLily’s one is a Branded Moose – beef patty, beetroot chutney, marinated zucchini, and goats cheese feta. We were both a little hesitant about the goats cheese but it turned out ok. It wasn’t too strong so it blended well with the rest burger. Only issue again is the dryness of the patty that had minimal taste. On the side is one of the yummiest sweet potato chips!

I wouldn’t say this is the best burger joint out there but it’s a good place to casually hang out. The venue looks and feels like a canteen which is a shame because, with the decor they already have, the place could have become something more hipster.

The Angry Moose on Urbanspoon

Five Bar

And since the night was still younger we headed over to Five Bar next door for some drinks and dessert. I think this may be one of my new favourite bars now because people here, both staff and patrons, are so friendly. The staff regularly checked on how we were doing and if were enjoying the drinks and dessert.

Moreover, just the ambiance alone is enough to make me want to come to this place week after week. It’s really a great place to chill and let your hair down. There were only 2 desserts to choose from so that made life so much easier.

Five Bar: chocolate brownieThe chocolate brownie above is so sinful yet so good; it is exactly how I like my brownie – rich, nutty, and served warm. It comes with a scoop of creme fraiche (okay, more than a scoop) and berry compote. The creme and the berry are good contrasts to the richness of the chocolate. Then I wash it down with a glass of cider.

Five Bar: steamed orange puddingOkay, if I’d have to go to Five Bar for just one thing it would be this steamed orange pudding. There is not a thing that doesn’t work in this dessert. The pudding was moist and not too sweet. Then add some creme fraiche to it and a sweet-tangy mandarin segment. Ah, life is sweet.

Five Bar ciderI actually have no regrets over-eating that night. Great start to the year!

Five Bar on Urbanspoon

So now as I sign off, allow me to take this time and wish you all a happy new year!

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