Melbourne edition: Babka Bakery Cafe

My ex-colleague swears by Babka Bakery (again on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy) so I knew I had to get some goodies from this place whatever it takes.

Babka is a very small cafe (cosy might be a more accurate description) that serves breakfast and lunch and sweets and that also sells specialty bread loaves, pies, and pastries. Not only that, they also have chutneys for sale. Go try the beetroot one.

Babka: bread trolley

Babka interior

Line is crazy long both for those eating in and for those just buying some bread. Luckily, a table for 2 usually doesn’t need much waiting time compared to big groups. We had our brunch here before heading off to a cider festival nearby – 3 thick slices french toast with a side of bacon.

Babka: french toast

The bread was nice but the french toast was dry and could do with more sugar on top. The bacon though was perfect and delicious. I know, it’s weird. Who doesn’t like bacon? But what makes bacon even more likeable is when it just just crisp enough without being dry and burnt.

I told Lily before we left that I needed to come back here to get some pastries before we fly back to Perth. I already received orders for some croissants from Auntie C, who raved about Babka the last time she visited Melbourne.

So I made it back to the bakery before they closed for the day and got myself a box full of pastries – almond croissants, escargot, and sweet danishes. A total of 11 pieces of pastries in the box.

Babka: pastries

Top left: escargot. Flaky and full of sultanas. I know some bakeries sting on those little buggers but Babka’s escargots are loaded with them and they tasted like they’ve been rehydrated with some sort of alcohol…even better.

Top right and bottom left: rhubarb danish and apple danish. Not too sweet and out of the 3 types of pastries the danishes are the only ones I had to eat 2 of.

Bottom right: almond croissant. So good yet so sinful, like sinful enough to give you a heart attack. The whole thing is very delicious and I specially liked it because it doesn’t have the custard in the middle but rather just a concoction of almond meal.

A week of eating these pastries for breakfast made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack. As good as they were, they are in fact too greasy. Too greasy but they’ve got a hold on me; I couldn’t resist taking another bite even though I know I should stop eating butter.

Babka Bakery Café on Urbanspoon

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