Sayers Sister @ Northbridge

There’s a cafe my family and I have been frequenting since the start of this year for our Sunday breakfast sessions. Food we eat for breakfast can either make or break our day…in my case anyway.

This new find is none other than my other favourite breakfast spot’s (Sayers @ Leederville) sister cafe; hence the name Sayers Sister. I personally find Sayers Sister to be better in terms of space and ambiance. Both cafes have a similar trend when it comes to their food.

What I love about this cafe – it’s very open, rustic, and charming. I particularly like the communal table in the middle of the cafe with jars of lollies.

Sayers Sister: communal table

In addition to just wanting to come sit in the cafe and enjoy a cuppa my family and I most definitely come here for the food too.

Some items in the menu change from time to time but our breakfast favourites include:

Corned beef hash, fried eggs, sour tomato dressing, parsley and red onion salad. Corned beef mixed through the potatoes made even more delicious by the tomato dressing.

Sayers Sister: corned beef hash

Baked omelette with spec. Lots of eggs, lots of spec. The omelette is always light and fluffy and quite light on the seasoning, which is good because the spec adds the saltiness.


Potato rosti, bramley apple & thyme chutney, poached eggs, bacon & rocket leaf. Another potato dish that will leave you happy and full.

Sayers Sister: potato rosti

Saffron brioche french toast with gravilax. I haven’t had a 100% savoury kind of french toast before (the most I’ve had was french toast with a side of bacon) so this is a nice surprise. Brioche was buttery and the Gravilax added a nice depth to the lightness of the french toast.


Spinach, ricotta, and pinenut crepe, poached egg, white wine sauce. Oh this one looks almost as healthy as can be. It can be quite a heavy and filling meal though from all the ricotta. The crepe itself has got a nice “bite” to it.

Sayers Sister:  spinach and ricotta crepe

And who says you can’t have cake for breakfast? You totally can specially when the cakes look this good! So one morning I treated myself to a cake for breakfast and chose the passionfruit cheesecake. A good piece of cheesecake cures everything. The cheesecake was not too heavy on the cheese so eating the whole piece did not give me that sickening feeling.

Definitely do yourself a favour and go check this place out, tucked away from the main hub in Northbridge (but stay away from their mocha).
Sayers Sister on Urbanspoon

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