P’tite Ardoise Bistro @ Highgate

Once upon a chilly winter’s night K and I had a long-overdue catch up dinner in what I can call one of my new favourite French bistros, P’tite Ardoise Bistro. Having made reservations weeks before (otherwise, hoping to get a table the night itself would have been impossible), we happily walked down Beaufort Street ready to tuck in to some French goodies. Got there early, promptly seated by the lovely host, and then the bread basket started coming around. Hot bread and tasty butter to kick off the night. The bread is not complimentary but you can have as many as you want for a fixed price per person though one must remember to save room for other dishes.

K and I shared an entree of escargot a ma facon. It wasn’t the usual butter and parsley snails that I am used to but this more creative version was also just as good, if not more interesting. Three little bowls of snails with tomatoes topped with croutons. The snails were cooked perfectly – just tender enough and not too rubbery but needed a bit more salt for my palette.

P'tite Ardoise: escargot

For mains we had half of each others dishes like we always do. I did arguably have more than just the half of both since K was already getting too full just halfway through dinner.

One item from the Les Classique menu – twice cooked duck leg with vegetable tian, orange sauce

Ptite Ardoise: duck confit

Wow. Duck meat melts in your mouth and the skin perfectly crisp…you can never go wrong with a French classic like this specially when it is cooked to perfection. The sauce was a very nice glaze too.

And another item from the Menu du jour list – roast quail stuffed with veal, mash, Manjimup black truffle, raspberry jus

Ptite Ardoise: quail stuffed with veal

The quail may look tiny but, man, this was a very very filling dish. There was more veal stuffing than meat on the quail and the flavour works perfectly with the mash. The raspberry jus added a tangy sweetness to the whole dish. I really loved how the jus had such a nice glaze finish to it. Only problem was I did not remember the dish came with the truffles because you can hardly taste it.

Finally the dessert, just to make us even fuller than we already were – Ile Flottante, sauce Anglaise and sugar almond

Ptite Ardoise: Ile FlottanteOur first time trying this kind of dessert and it may well have changed my personal dislike of egg white based desserts (like pavlova). This not-so-little island of egg white is pure heaven – silky smooth with cream and caramel!


P’tite Ardoise is definitely on the list of the must try restaurants. Can’t really fault anything about a place that provides great food and good service. Ambience is a bit cozy too.


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