Chogajip @ Fremantle

Real spring weather has finally arrived in Perth and I find myself comsuming less and less kimchi soup nowadays since the weather has been warming up these past few days. Flashback to about 6 months ago when fall began I have noticed that my friends and I have been eating a lot of Korean food. Maybe it’s the “heatiness” of the food or the flames from the bbq that keeps us warm but whatever it is, I kid you not, we are at some sort of Korean restaurant week in and week out.

One of my favourite places for a Korean fix is Chogajip in Fremantle…because they have the best kimchi soup in town! I first had their kimchi soup last summer – not the wisest choice of food when it was like 35 degrees Celsius outside - and I have been hooked ever since. The soup is very tasty and the kimchi used is not overly preserved but it is really really hot. Best eaten with rice and something sweet on the side (try the Korean grape juice).

Chogajip: kimchi soup

The usual entrees are served here as well, such as:

Korean seafood pancake - pancake need more crunch but, other than that, it was packed with octopus.

Chogajip: pancake

Japchae - another one of my favourites from this place because they get the balance of soy sauce and sugar and sesame oil right.

Chogajip: jap chae

The mains we usually order are the popular bibimbap and bulgogi…just different kinds of meat.

Bibimbap - sort of like fried rice in a hot stone pot. Can’t say that this is one of my favourites (of Korean food for that matter) but most people seem to like this a lot. It’s not bad but needs a heap of the sauce that comes with it.

Chogajip: bibimbap

Bulgogi - pork and beef. Again, very tasty without being overly sweet or salty.

What I really like about Chogajip is the consistently good food they have been serving up over the one year I have been dining there. Service can sometimes be painfully slow depending on the time you get there. Best to head down there early or make a booking because this place is usually packed.

Chogajip Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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